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7 of the Best Instagram Accounts for Subculture Style Inspiration

Written by: Bri Lee

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my Instagram feed just feels like a big pile of same same same.

I mean, I follow people whose style I like and I pay attention to the new people they follow and tag, but that means a lot of the time, everything just looks like everything else. I went out on a mission to shake things up and these fantastic feeds are the fruits of my labour. Subcultures will always be the best new places to look for mainstream style inspiration.

Don’t get scared! Just hit ‘follow’ and let this mixed bag of subculture wash over you. You don’t have to go all-out. Take the good bits and leave the rest, e.g. take the hemlines and leave the haircut…

For the punk and grunge girls: A Thousand Chapters

It’s not easy to make two-colour purple lipstick look good, but Mickylene does it every time. Her feed is full of really high-quality images showcasing her style and gothic landscape shots of California.

athousandchapters instagram

For the artists among us: Fash of the Titans

This is such a delightful account. I love when I scroll past one of their art/fashion comparisons, but what I love even more is that now all the art I see around me is sartorial inspiration. Everything has become colour and texture cues for tomorrow’s outfit.

subculture style inspiration

For the poets, sad girls, and romantics: Audrey Wollen

Audrey Wollen’s feed is challenging in all the right ways – and so it should be. She’s an artist and intellectual whose work I greatly admire. Her feed reminds me that what I put on my body has the potential to communicate so much about myself. (And yes, I’ll always have a soft spot for redheads.)

audrey wollen instagram

For the queergender and agender allies: Tyler Ford

Tyler Ford was kicking goals long before Miley Cyrus came along and shot their name into the internet stratosphere. Tyler identifies as agender and the pictures force me to consider who I’m really dressing for every day. Is it me? It should be.

tywrent instagram

For the soul-loving, musically-inclined ladies: Solange

It doesn’t get much better than Solange. “Style” is an often overused word, but you can see Solange in twenty completely different dresses and somehow she makes each one of them her own. I crave her wardrobe, yes, but what I desire even more is her ability to make her clothes her own.

solange instagram

For the San-Fran art lovers: Rewina Beshue

Rewina Beshue is so cool. Her feed is a mix of art, style, and her San Fran friends, and I love it. Compared to some of the other feeds I’ve listed, Rewina’s images feel really genuine and it makes me think she’s a real human being and that by extension, maybe one day I could be as cool as her too.

rewina beshue instagram

For the L.A. thru-and-thru vintage/trashy/glam girls: Sophia Amoruso

Confession: I’ve had a mammoth girl crush on Sophia ever since I read Girlboss. I love how she’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar company that she built from the ground up, and she definitely still wears velvet platforms. Sohpia Amoruso is, duh, my go-to feed for a reminder that entrepreneurialism can look ultra awesome.

best subculture style inspiration

– Bri
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