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5 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Written by: Zanita Studio

One quarter down and ONLY 3 more to go…

First Quarter is always one of the more difficult ones to get through…it’s like the Wednesday of the work week. Q1 gets us in the shit because the weather, recovery from the holiday gluttony, and time change have us estranged from our real self, plus our inner workings are all screwed up. Come Spring and the teensy ounce of sun gives us that extra boost we’ve been hankering. Renew. Revived. Ready. If you can relate, you’re probably just now coming out of hibernation…Can you believe how quickly 3 months passed by? With only 9 months to go, you’d better get on the grind! Coincidentally, it IS Hump Day so you probably found yourself struggling to get out of bed and endure the remnants of the work week. Whatever it is that’s been holding you back or keeping you down, we’ve got the antidote…quotes that will inspire you to never give up.

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Get going, chase those dreams!


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