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5 Job Application Mistakes You’re Making That Cost the Job

Written by: Zanita Studio

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As a successful entrepreneur, it’s obvious you get to romp in some pretty unbelievable, self-indulging action like fashion week, travel, and freedom, but you’re still obliged to run the not so glamorous aspects like HR, financials, and sales. The real business. In today’s case, we’re focusing on the HR piece: recruiting and hiring talent. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to feel out who may or may not be a good fit, but it does take time and effort to appear a good fit before the conversation arises.

From first-hand experience rifling through e-mails and more, we’re divulging the most common job application mistakes we’re seeing.

common job application mistakes Mistake #1: You’re not reading the job description or instructions.

Location, requirements, and qualifications – do you fall in all three categories? You may not fit the description 100% but you should fit at least 70% of it before you consider applying. You’ve got to read and follow the instructions as they’re written. If you fail to follow something that simple, how can a company trust you with bigger, more important things?

Mistake #2: Your resume, cover letter, and/or e-mail has errors.

Every single resume advice forum or website you read stresses grammar and spelling redundantly because it seems that no matter how much it’s plastered over the internet and across college campuses, applicants continue to produce those little bloopers. It’s a deal breaker. Writing is a prerequisite in fashion when you’re dealing with journalism, social media, or public relations. Reach out to a friend, family member, or mentor with excellent writing skills and have him/her proofread it to the tee!

Mistake #3: You’re not selling yourself.

The point of a resume/cover letter is to make a killer first impression! If you’re using too much of a passive voice, you’re doing harm. Also, we get that you’ve worked here and done this, but what does that mean? The more skills you can show and the more open-minded you are, the better vibe we get from you!

Mistake #4: Your resume includes irrelevant data.

Anything pre-postsecondary school – you can scrap. For one, it’s probably making your resume longer than one page and if you have less than 5 years of experience, there’s no reason to have a 2-page resume. Bonus: If your resume is showing tasks, modify it to include results.

Mistake #5: Watch the length and formatting.

As mentioned in #4, one-pagers for resumes unless you’ve got 5+ years under your belt. As for cover letters, one page is sufficient as well; however, e-mail cover letters should be concise. No hiring manager is going to thoroughly read 5 full paragraphs in e-mail format. You’re better off writing 5 sentences and attaching your cover letter with your resume. Also, be mindful of any pre-made templates or tables because the formatting can be all out of line on the other side.

Alright so fix those pesky job application mistakes and get them rolling in! We look forward to hearing from you!


Image Source Credits: Harper’s Bazaar


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