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White Shoes are Back!

Written by: Zanita Studio


Got a closet full of basic black boots? Sleek, classic pumps? Normcore sneakers?

Sounds like you need an adventure. Take a risk and freshen it up a little now that the long-awaited Spring is officially here! The one thing reigning our shopping list before all else in the shoe department is the once fashion-faux-pas white shoe! And if you’ve been paying attention to street style, you’d already notice an array of fashion pioneers embracing its return –

white shoes are really back!


The tricky thing about it is that you can go from modern and fresh to cheap and frumpy in less than ten seconds. So here are a few formulas that work if you’re ready to dive in:

– Start with a Pump or a Sneaker
If you’re a total newb to the white shoe assortment, your safest bet will be a classic pump with simple lines in high-quality leather (think Manolo Blahnik). This style looks good with everything even in a color as stark as white – it tends to bring a pronounced modern component to any outfit. If you’re treading even safer, you might as well don a bright white sneaker like these Adidas’s, which surprisingly looks good with everything too – it just brings a totally different appeal.

– Sleek White + Audacious Outfit
Although forward on its own, white has the power to tone down bright, daring outfits whether you’re color blocking or mixing bold, busy patterns – anything excessive falls on this plate, i.e. stripes, macro (or micro) florals prints. If not in the print, even the natural contours of your garments – exaggerative silhouettes or wispy, excessively flowy contours. A white shoe brings in that cohesive element especially when in a sleek style. An obvious example is the Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heel.

– Oxford or Loafer + Tailored Pieces
Skinny jeans, pencil skirts, menswear pants – a good white loafer or oxford will take your style game up a notch – fresh, fresh, fresh especially in colors that highly contrast white like black or red.

– Strappy Sandals + Feminine Pieces
Tulle skirts, anything pleated, romantic, and feminine always make a great foundation for strappy white heels.

– Slides + Casual Outfit
Something like Birkenstocks will never fail a casual shift or t-shirt dress, and denim cut-offs or denim anything really. The sun is out now and you’ll soon be meandering endless music concerts and summer festivals and there’s nothing better than doing so in the comfort of your slides.


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