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What To Wear On A Tuesday

Written by: Zanita Whittington

These days it’s not so simple to find clothes you can rely on.

I’m talking about pieces you can throw on after sleeping in and not feel like you’ve made a very poor styling mistake.

I’m talking about those pieces you instantly trust will feel good on your skin.

I’m talking about the cost/quality balance being just where you want it to be.


Probably my worst purchasing habit in the past has been an over-gravitation towards the statement piece. I’ll always love a bold print, a cropped trouser, a brightly coloured handbag. Then Tuesday (or any ‘average’ day) rolls around and I don’t want to think about dressing up or down – I just want to look good and like myself… post Fashion Month, I’m feeling this way more than ever. Give me NORMCORE.

grana-quality-cashmere-scarf-quality-effortless-styling-streetstyle-khakiSo where to start? I’ve never really been so dedicated to any kind of basics brand… simply because there isn’t much I’ve found to last the distance. T-shirts and knits shrink. Denim becomes misshapen and seams just fall apart.

Enter Grana.

I’ll let you make up your own mind about the styles, but from here, all you need to know is the fabric. I’m talking Italian Merino Wool, Peruvian Pima Cotton, Chinese Silk, Japanese Denim, Mongolian Cashmere, and Irish Linen. It’s like the UN of fabrics produced the right way – clothing with conscience.

Another k-razy thing about Grana, which is frankly quite shocking (in a good way), is there’s only a 2x markup on costs. Most fashion brands markup around 8x! So where is all the extra money going if not into the quality? Branding, which I can’t pretend I’m not about…but for clothes to just wear on a Tuesday when I’ve slept in and I don’t have to attend fancy-ass fashion shows and high-powered business meetings?!

Hello Grana, meet my closet. It’s pretty disorganised and I’m relying on you to make personal styling on tough days easier. K thx bye.


grana-quality-cashmere-classic-effortless-styling-streetstyle-khaki grana-quality-cashmere-effortless-paris-styling-streetstyle-khaki

Japanese Denim Jeans, Cashmere knit, Cardigan, and Scarves – GRANA

Snapped in Paris for Grana. Hope you like! Zx


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