What It Takes to Get a Job in NYC

Written by: Brittany Grace

Grit, hard work, determination, tenacity are a few words people would use to describe landing a job in NYC… and they’re right! Entering the job front in NYC is like surviving a mosh pit: stressful but exhilarating once you make it out alive. There are hundreds of thousands of people all applying to the same job as you, yet only one lucky person gets picked. Who will it be?

how-you-can-get-a-job-in-nycHaving my fair share of NYC job successes and rejections, I find these qualities to be true:

Knowing someone

Nowadays it’s not about what you know but who you know, especially in the Big Apple. Competition is stiff and the only leg up you have is if you already know someone in the field you’re trying to get into.

If you don’t know anyone, don’t panic. Recruiting agencies are a great start because they know everyone. They can get you an interview in your dream job, but only if you’re a good fit. Some of the most well-known fashion recruiters in NYC are 24Seven, fourthFLOOR fashion, and JBCStyle.

The right mindset

It’s no surprise that when you go into something with a negative preconceived notion, your experience will turn out that way. The same holds true for getting a job in NYC. You must go in with confidence and that you possess everything the employer is looking for, otherwise they’ll eat you alive. Your qualifications got you this far so go into the interview thinking you already have the job and you’ll likely get it.

“Something special”

Because there are so many people fighting for the same job, you need that “something special”. You know, that extra pizzazz or witty personality. You need to be professional yet relatable, funny but focused, driven and a team player. Did you graduate at the top of your class? Do you run the NYC marathon each year? Have you contributed to company growth? Hone in on your “something special” and show employers what a great asset you’d make.

get-a-job-in-nycTaking a risk

Sending a cold email, introducing yourself at an event, dropping your resume off in person are all risks worth taking. This shows the employer you’re determined and confident in your abilities and you deserve a chance. You have nothing to lose.


You are going to hear the word “no” – feel rejected, have more set backs, and fall down more times than not when you’re trying to get a job in New York. This makes you resilient and better prepares you for life’s unexpected turn of events.

No matter what the outcome, don’t give up. True success takes hard work, lots of hard work. You need to be in a good place spiritually, while working smarter and harder every day. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes months, but if you keep going I promise you’ll get there.


People like positivity. Realists beware. Employers want to build a team of energetic, creative, and forward thinking people. Negative Nancys need not apply. If you’re a regular Zanita Studio reader, you should have no problem here.

Are you currently working in NY? If so, what did it take to land you the job? Share your story in the comments below!

xx Britt

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