The Season’s Chicest Silhouette (It’s Not The Skinny)

Written by: Zanita Studio


Fluid. Tailored. Classic.

There goes three words to describe this season’s chicest silhouette: The Wide Leg Trouser. For several years now, we’ve reached for nothing but our Skinnies and though the style isn’t entirely out – because it’s become a kind of staple – street style shows us again and again that leg openings are only getting bigger (and better)! Better because there are so many more reasons to love the loose fit outside of its inherent timelessness. It hides all the pudgy places we wished never existed and it’s extremely leg-lengthening – even more so with the inclusion of heels. The style also works for all shapes, sizes, and height so no wonder history repeats itself here – first from women releasing themselves of their cliched corsets way back when (yes! to females wearing the pants), then onto the 70s-80s Charlie’s Angels/hippie movement and power dressing, and finally 90s grunge (baggy trouser + crop top combo). And here we are today – embracing every style and every trend, forging our own personal style.

The timing of its return couldn’t be more convenient…


Let loose for Spring/Summer!

Now, here’s how you can adopt the trend:

  • Tailored tops and blazers add length to the torso, which balances out the ultra-wide bottom.
  • Swap out skinny trousers and skirts for a fresh, feminine look – all it takes is a silk camisole and you’re instantly date-ready.
  • For the vertically challenged, embrace your waist line (e.g. tuck in your shirt) and add a pair of sleek heels.
  • High-waisted styles create a sophisticated visual appeal while low and slung manifest a sporty, casual aesthetic.
  • Show off a great pair of heels (or loafers) with a cropped version.


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