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The Harsh Realities of Working in Fashion

Written by: Zanita Studio


Everybody wants their piece of the pie in fashion.

And we’ll be first to tell you it’s probably the BEST and most fulfilling creative industry to work in, BUT that doesn’t come without a huge tolerance for a load of other crap. You’ve heard the good, seen the pretty, but hardly the ugly and the bad. We’re here to usher you into the light – disclosing the harsh realities of working in fashion – so brace yourself!

#1 Lots of painful egos.

Snarky attitudes, maximal arrogance, and straight up assholes spitting retorts – there are an unnecessary pool of them. One or two situations sound tolerable, but a profuse amount? Just be ready. On the upside, there are so many amazing personalities that’ll make the said assholes bearable.

#2 It can be socially draining.

From one social event to another – it never comes to a close. Meeting after meeting and dinner after dinner (though we can’t really complain about the food part), the hours you spend in the company of people you may not really enjoy – you have not the slightest idea how draining that can be (until it’s done). All the introvert fluff about gaining energy when you’re alone, be ready to give it up!

#3 Unnecessary social politics.

It’s all about who you know” – sounds like life altogether, right? Wrong. It’s undeniably realest in fashion, which can be irritating when you don’t really know anyone. Someone’s frailties can kill your expertise for this one reason.


#4 Forget enjoying the moment.

Fashion requires you to work months in advance (just take a second to ponder the noise surrounding Fall 2016 trends when Spring hasn’t even began). And the rate has accelerated exponentially because the short attention spans of the millennials and Generation Z (thanks us!). The fashion journey can feel so liberating and exciting in the beginning stages when you have a bundle of little projects, but as you breakthrough, you start to realize you’ll never fully embrace the fruits of your struggle because by the time it debuts, you’re already 6 feet deep into next season’s affairs.

#5 The pressure is real.

Why did Raf Simmons leave Dior? What pushed Alexander McQueen to the edge of the cliff? And what the hell caused John Galliano to sputter those painful remarks? Those are all primary examples of exceptionally creative and capable individuals who were pushed to their limits and proof that there is a ridiculous amount of pressure to be dealt with in the fashion industry. It takes very special human beings to carry the load and not break.

#6 It never ends.

Above all, the cycle is unending. You’re starting a new season, new projects before finalizing touches on old ones. As insinuated in Point #2, me time need be carefully considered or lost altogether. The people, the pressure, the affairs – the ENTIRE ongoing environment is exactly what it is: interminable!

But when it’s all said and done, the editorials, video – final products and recognition are all reminders of why you risk yourself. Why you grudgingly lope across the open battlefield time and time again. So think twice..

Do you really want to get into the fashion game?

Photo Credits: The Light of Now

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