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Queens of Cool: 5 Italian Street Style Stars Who Can’t Be Beat

Written by: Zanita Studio

If the French are known for their basic yet perennially chic sartorial choices and the Scandinavians for their unparalleled minimalism, then let the Italians be known for their daring silhouettes and often vibrant color combinations.

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Milan Fashion Week came to a close not too long ago, but we’re not exactly ready to say Ciao to our favorites street style stars who are forensic proof that Italy is the true home of fashion. This certain herd of doyennes had us struck – jaw-dropping and all – with their flawless and creative style, reminding us exactly why Milan remains one of our favorite fashion capitals of the world. If for some odd reason you’ve been living outside the bounds of fashion and have zero familiarity of these faces, let this be your formal introduction. You can thank us later for surfacing your new style icon(s).

Giorgia Tordini

Former designer, now creative consultant who can be mistaken for French given her understated, sleek ensembles. But don’t undermine her knack for working in swift proportions and strong pieces like an Italian babe – something we don’t often see the French venturing into. She’s a power dresser with an inimitable elegance.

Chiara Totire

Often spotted in unexpected layers, the best shoes, and pieces that hint imperfection yet magically drive perfection, there aren’t many reasons to not leer at Chiara. We bet you’d have never guessed she was a pharmacist prior to pursuing her love of fashion. Her exquisite styling does more than justify her birthright in this industry – it’s exactly where she belongs.

Gilda Ambrosia

gildaThe bravest of the bunch, don’t be surprised to find Gilda in the coolest mashups you never perceived possible. Whether it’s in the choice of her fabric, bold sunglass select, or unpredictable pairing, she’s got a kind of signature you can’t quite put your finger on. And let’s not forget her mane – that distinct, black veil that lets us know she’s entered the premise.

Carlotta Oddi

carlottaShe’s a quite pared back Anna Dello Russo in the same way Geraldine Saglio is to Emmanuelle Alt. Sometimes exuberant like Anna, other times romantic and feminine or just downtown in entirety – you never know what to anticipate, but you always know it’s going to be bene.

Diletta Bonaiuti

dilettaDiletta’s aesthetic is pretty simple but she always does something masterful to fuse her effortlessness together be it an unforeseen splash of color – not just any color but one that peaks attention like no other, a key accessory, or a punctuating piece. And when she’s out meandering the streets, it becomes completely memorable – never forgotten.

And there you have it – the babes whose street style can’t be beat!

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