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My Perfect Escape

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Aerin-fragrance-mediterranian-cenote-bikini-towel-bottle-honeysuckle-campaign-reviewAerin-fragrance-mediterranian-dress-bikini-towel-bottle-honeysuckle-campaign-reviewAerin-fragrance-mediterranian-beauty-bikini-towel-bottle-honeysuckle-campaign-reviewAerin-fragrance-mediterranian-summer-bottle-honeysuckle-campaign-review Aerin-fragrance-mediterranian-comb-beauty-bikini-towel-bottle-honeysuckle-campaign-reviewAerin-fragrance-mediterranian-honeysuckle-campaign-review Aerin-fragrance-mediterranian-bikini-towel-bottle-honeysuckle-campaign-review
Aerin-fragrance-mediterranian-boat-summer-bottle-honeysuckle-campaign-review Aerin-fragrance-mediterranian-bottle-honeysuckle-campaign-review

I love this fragrance.

It’s the latest from AERIN, called Mediterranean Honeysuckle and the scent reminds me of sitting alone on balmy evening in a flower-filled courtyard. It’s the kind of scent that takes you to another place – the perfect escape.

I was excited about creating this editorial for AERIN because as is the case with any fragrance, you’re expressing a mood. Something intangible. I’m sure you’ve experienced that olfactory witchcraft where a scent returned you to memory – choose your own de ja vu. So to express this visually? It’s quite limitless. I could share a post of colours. Some kind of a visual dreamscape.

I chose Mediterranean Honeysuckle to be the olfactory memory book from my recent trip to Mexico, so these images represent that escape. It was a blissful getaway and I was really able to switch off. My favourite moments were those spent alone in my thoughts, a dreamy electronic song in my ears and the fragrance on my nose.

I hope you enjoy this series and get the chance to experience AERIN’s Mediterranean Honeysuckle for yourself.


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