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Méthode Tasmanoise

Written by: Zanita Whittington

We’re so excited to share with you the second installment of our three part series with Premium Winemaker, Jansz Tasmania. This time we’re taking you to a new place and time to share the romance of the sparkling winemaking process, Méthode Tasmanoise.

As part of the creative process, our team strove to learn as much about Jansz Tasmania and the history behind the vineyard and their winemaking methods. What’s beautiful about Méthode Tasmanoise is that it’s the same traditional method used to make champagne, but from the cool-climate of Tamar Valley in Tasmania. This is essentially how sparkling wine has been made since the beginning of last century, which I just love. Learning about the method was a trip into the past, and it was in this journey that the theme for our video was born; an exploration of the time, patience, and handcrafted skills it takes to make something great.

When our Director, Pip, first suggested a ‘Film Noir’ theme to represent the Champenoise influence Jansz Tasmania uses to craft its sparkling wines, I was apprehensive. It’s a complicated look to re-create and it needed to be just right. We wanted to capture the romance, sophistication, and history of the winemaking process, along with a playfulness that suited both Jansz Tasmania and my personality. I have to take off my 1940’s style hat to Pip and our team for bringing this one together. I’m so proud of the result.

I hope you enjoy ‘Méthode Tasmanoise’ as much as we enjoyed making it. I don’t want to add anymore here other than to let the video speak for itself.


And remember, Drink Responsibly.

This post was in collaboration and paid for by Jansz Tasmania. To learn more about Jansz Tasmania and Méthode Tasmanoise, visit: Jansz.

Video Credit

Executive Producer: Gustav Carlson & Zanita Whittington

Director: Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz

Director of Photography: Jasper Galvanics

Second Camera: Sara Richardson

Hair & Make Up: Tobi Henney

Styling Assistant: Monica Bestek

Special Thanks to Maxine Harris & the Jansz Vineyard team