LIVE Q&A Goes South Quickly: The Zanita Show

Written by: Zanita Whittington

So I broke a promise with you all…

I was going to post Episode 1 of The Zanita Show and failed due to technical difficulties. Also, the first episode was a bit awkward and crap. Let’s put that behind us! If at first you don’t succeed, give it another bloody go.

So, Episode 2 is here for your enjoyment!

I LOVED doing this episode – it was lovely to chat away and share some ideas and experiences. It’s even more wonderful to share it in this way – feels really genuine and direct. I know that tuning in at those precise times isn’t possible for all of you given we’re all rocking different timezones so if you have any questions or ideas beforehand, please send them through to, comment on this post, or comment on the Youtube video.

We have many more exciting Episodes coming up next week and beyond.

“The Zanita Show”

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Tune in and hang out with me!


photo courtesy of The File