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Lessons in Being A Lady Boss: Lauren Conrad Edition

Written by: Zanita Studio

If there’s only one dominating female out there we can relate to, it’s definitely Lauren Conrad.

She’s not just another pretty face, but someone incredibly business savvy with razor-sharp focus – proven not through her timeline as a reality T.V. star, but by sustaining a profitable business beyond that. Lauren Conrad is two clothing lines deep with two insanely attractive websites (the recently revamped and The Beauty Department). She’s also now launching her NINTH book, Celebrate. How exactly does she do that when the majority of us can’t even get one website going or a single book published in an entire lifetime? We’re certainly fond of the babe so we did a bit of profiling for you (and ourselves). Her evolution and success over the years are beyond inspiring so learn by example and start taking notes:

#1 Always be approachable and relatable.

Ever heard the saying “Nice guys finish last” (in this case, girls). Nope, LC fans admit that her charm stems from her ability to come off very girl-next-door despite her popularity and success. She’s a nice girl overflowing with positive energy and it’s indicated in every inch of her brand. Her background from ordinary intern to major success makes her that much more likable – walking proof that hard work trumps luck any day.

#2 Pay attention to your fans!

There is no better way to build relationships with your fans than through social media obviously, but the key is to be real about it and actually listen. Through personal appearances and connecting with her fans in person, she was able to capitalize on what the masses wanted from her – this was exactly how her website and books came about. She also has a knack for cross-promoting her business ideas in a very subtle and unintentional way and people aren’t bothered when you do this. That is how you build long-lasting relationships.


#3 Actions speak louder than words.

It’s not about shining the light on yourself all the time or self-promoting too much. Don’t ask people to like or follow you. If you’re likable or have something to show for, people will follow. Focus on the work, the product, the visuals at hand and the rest will come. LC is so inspiring because of her journey and her effort – not words.

#4 In Lauren Conrad’s own words, “Create opportunity”.

To think that LC’s success story has been a walk in the park is foolish. Without capitalizing on #1, #2, and #3, she would have never gotten to where she is. Those exact three points led her to juggle the multiple businesses she runs today. Key Takeaway: Listen and then create.

#5 Don’t stop.

Running several business ventures doesn’t come without risk and setbacks. The most important thing, however, is to not get stuck on those setbacks. The dots always connect backwards and you’ll be amazed at the results that come to life if you continue to work hard and stay focused – something Lauren has truly mastered.


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