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Here’s Why the Instagram Update Isn’t a Problem

Written by: Zanita Studio

In the last 36 hours, everyone thought an Instagram update was barging in and so their feeds flooded with some disparity of:

Turn on your post notifications so you don’t miss any updates!

If you felt zero impact in the madness, good for you – what was that delusion anyway? Basically, Instagram announced it will no longer post images in chronological order, instead you’ll be fed the Instagram update (aka The Algorithm) – content based on your behavior, preferences, and post popularity. The masses are falling into hysteria, thinking it’s going to cut out the little guy, but it’s likely not going to be like that – our theory anyway. Look, Instagram itself said HERE that the posts will stay where they are. So think of it this way – you’ll just see more of the stuff you like, e.g. the ones you put likes on and the ones that get a percentage of likes quickly whether those red hearts are from 10 followers or 20,000! There are Instagrammers with larger followings, but low engagement – the Algorithm probably won’t work for those guys, but it makes perfect sense.


So calm down. Your content WILL NOT be less visible with the Instagram update. We’re not convinced it’s problematic and here’s why:

#1 If your followers follow a shit ton of others, they’re already missing out.

Again, quoted by Instagram, “People miss about 70% of their feeds anyway.” It’s likely your posts are flying past them at the rate content goes live these days.

#2 Who wants their phones binging or pulsating with every update?

Do you know what turning on notifications truly entail? That means your phone will go off with every update for every person, brand, or thing you turn it on for. That means in meetings, on the toilet, when you’re talking on the phone, and when you’re trying to sleep! If someone truly wants to see your stuff, they’ll come looking for you. Don’t do that to them…

#3 It hasn’t even truly happened (yet).

Instagram tweeted 3 days ago that nothing has rolled out! But fact of the matter is, it’s going to happen regardless – there’s no use in grieving.

#4 If your fans continue to like, they’ll continue to see.

As long as your followers double tap as they do, your posts aren’t falling into limbo. If someone isn’t engaged in your content, they probably shouldn’t be following you anyway. Remember, you want quality over quantity when it comes to your audience.

#5 Focus on good content and engagement, then you’ll rise to the top.

The Instagram update forces you (content creator) to be value-driven because it ensures crap content that gets no engagement gets no viewership. And isn’t that the best way to give users the best experience? So last but not least, content first!

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