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Get Excited! It’s the Zanita Studio Spring Reading Guide!

Written by: Bri Lee

Spring is such a magical time of the year. When you can sit in a park in spaghetti straps so the sun warms your neck, and your nose is only a tiny bit itchy from all the new pollen, and people are flirting everywhere! It’s time you go to more parties again – and that means having interesting things to talk about – and that means reading. It’s time for entertaining guests with new recipes. It’s time for some new style inspiration… 

It’s time for the Zanita Studio Spring Reading Guide.

The Best New Fashion Bible = Advanced Style: Older and Wiser

We all love Advanced Style. I mean really, really, loved. Ari Seth Cohen’s work has so much to offer. Not only broadening fashion’s gaze to those over the age of “sexy infant muse”, it celebrates bold and daring older women without reducing them to caricatures. The book is full of encores of your favourite ladies (e.g. Iris Apfel) as well as debuts (gents for the first time!) and there are lessons to learn on every page. Pre-order now for April delivery.

Best quote:Zanita Studio Summer Reading Guide

I must tell you that I am not really an old lady; just cleverly disguised as one.

The Most Raucous New Memoir = I’ll Never Write My Memoirs

Look at that pokey-tongue! On the cover! Even the title is cheeky. You don’t even need me to write anything here – it’s Grace Jones – she sells herself. Seriously though, this book takes you on a wild and joyous ride. At points she becomes a little self-indulgent and some of her writing style requires an open mind. I recommend taking a break from reading to get a coffee and after just 15 minutes you’ll come back to the book and be startled all over again.

Best quote:

Shaving my head led directly to my first orgasm.

Zanita Studio Spring Reading GuideThe Tastiest Not-So-New Cookbook = I Know How to Cook

This incredible collection of recipes can only be delved into in Spring because only now can you start jogging enough to shift the extra sticks of butter off your butt. Honestly, this book should come with a warning to your arteries. WARNING: Must be purchased with a fitbit and some new gearGinette Mathiot has published over 30 cookbooks in her lifetime and this huge, bright, colourful book from Phaidon has 1400 not-too-tricky recipes in it. It’s your new French food bible.


The Delightful Spring Fiction Page-Turner = Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League

Things you need to know about this book to understand it enough to know it’s going to be awesome: set in the 1950s; Mississippi; Pre-Civil-Rights era; a rich white woman and a poor black woman who originally hate each other team up to turn their small town around. If you liked The Help then you’ll love this. (I know, I know, everyone is saying that, but it’s true!)

Best quote:

Rosie’s stirring up a lot of trouble for white folks…They say she forgot who she was. Forgot her place…I figger it was the other way ’round. I figger she remembered who she was.

Zanita Studio Spring Reading GuideThe Moving and Insightful Memoir = Enemy

Ruth Clare has written a book about the suffering that followed her father home to Australia from the Vietnam War. It’s a story of domestic violence, PTSD, national shame, and a young woman coming of age on the surface despite never fully being able to let go of her childhood trauma. This book isn’t a happy-go-lucky walk in the park, but Clare manages to find a human in the monster and reading this book will make you a better person.

Best quote:

I was born into the war still raging inside my father. The DNA he gave me came charged with trauma that he didn’t know how to process, and as my life unfolded it seemed I was fated to follow in his footsteps.

So there you have it! Plenty of rooftop-cocktails-chatting material. Plenty of style inspiration and tasty new ideas for noms. Go forth and Spring!

– Bri
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