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Chic Styling Tricks We Took From the Streets of Paris

Written by: Zanita Studio

If you want to enter a city of chic, there’s no better place than Paris.

We kid you not, every single person is decked out head to toe in major swag from the tiniest 2 year old all the way up to 70 – they strut the streets on the daily with an untouchable insouciance, a kind of seasonless attitude we often see described in magazines but can’t exactly grasp…what are they talking about anyway. It’s all very effortless if you have any concept of what that means. But with eagle eyes, our focus stayed sharp on the streets, we turned our heads over and over, and now get to share with you a few tricks we picked up to look just like that: A swank Parisian.

We weren’t playing street style photographer in the thick of it, but certainly took mental note so listen up.


Styling Trick 1: Half-draped coat

If there was one thing we saw on repeat, it was the half-draped coat look. To achieve this, you basically wear a coat (ideally oversized) and let one side unintentionally fall off one shoulder. Then you walk and you keep walking.

Styling Trick 2: Turtleneck + Stripes

Protect your neck under all circumstances. You do this by wearing a turtleneck all the time. Make it your base layer before dresses, sweaters, camisoles, and coats. In return, you can omit the scarf. And the breton stripes, it’s a go-to year round in Paris and can’t be beat with a turtleneck.

Styling Trick 3: The belt is back

Belts are sneakily making a return – so sly and subtle. One of the cool accents we saw was the belted blazer (that didn’t intentionally come in a bundle). Keep the lapels popped up, wrap the jacket around your waist, and keep it in tact with a belt. This style also creates an exaggerated silhouette that’s perfect for shapeless figures.

Styling Trick 4: Tights are the new socks

Forget your socks and the misconception that flirtatious tights are for strippers. The fishnet and lace tight redux never looked so chic. Whether it’s worn underneath skirts and dresses or cropped pants with wild shoes, the Parisians know how to do it right.

Styling Trick 5: Let the sleeves hang

No need to tailor those long, oversized sleeves – just leave them loose and sloppy. To let it hang is to be effortless and unconcerned. We’re all in.


Image Source Credits – The Stylograph, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue

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