Written by: Zanita Whittington

Beyond graphic handbags and statement jewelry, always leave it to your shoes to bring your outfit to the next level.

Gustav always tells me I have too many…but you and I know the facts, there’s truly no such thing as ‘too many shoes‘. I had the chance to visit the Kurt Geiger showroom when I was last in London and it had my heart beating so fast and my brain racing with ideas (the outfits!?). Yes ladies, shoes bring us much joy – and I’m grateful to Kurt Geiger for giving our team the chance to really share that with you. Fun is written all over these images (and the shoes) and that’s because there’s one for every kind of ‘personal’ style. Watch the video here!

1. Remember when we told you patent leather was back in the game? Look at those oxblood booties. It’s an instant hoist and really pops on neutral – so fresh it made the hair go wham!

2. Then back on the versatility train, we had to pick a pump but not a boring one so something texturized and uniquely cut with a metallic heel fit the bill. That is day to night perfection.

3. Of course not-so-basic black booties were a requirement – we’re in NYC. The block heels makes it great for running and catching cabs. It’s a downtown cool wardrobe essential.

4. Winter is over, but just in case it snows in March (which it certainly can), this is your go-to over the knee boot. You can even store it for the next few months…the style isn’t leaving our whereabouts anytime soon.

5. We keep hearing about the death of the white sneaker and we already have plenty so why not go for metallic? It’s such a festive Spring/Summer update – see how perfect it is for casual denim outfits or just about everything else. We’ll walk for miles in these.



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