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Zanita x Tictail

Written by: Zanita Studio

Zanita x Tictail Before Zanita Studio emerged, this space was really a one-woman show – Zanita juggling multiple full-time commitments, unwavering client deadlines, and running her blog onerously, and eventually with the help of Gustav. But it soon dawned on the duo that that they could create something truly inspiring and refreshing to shake up the conventional outfit posts in the blogosphere and give back to the community that helped Zanita climb the ranks of the industry herself; hence, the birth of Zanita Studio. Across several months now, you probably noticed a radical change in this space. It has become a purveyor of ushering creative personalities into the spotlight with Zanita to provide you nonstop inspiration in finding yourself and something NEW – navigating your talents, and building a world you wish to live in. These individuals now get to share their spark with the world that may not have been feasible otherwise.

It’s been a constant work in process, but it’s all very genuine.

Tictail_Secondary_TTLogo_800x800This idea becomes even more riveting when you cross paths someone or something who strives to do the same exact thing! That’s why we were so drawn to Tictail from the get-go. In case you haven’t heard, Tictail is home to the world’s best independent brands and it was essentially founded under the same basis as Zanita Studio – to delight, and excite people to discover new things and get started themselves, or shop – all through the community.

With that said, we’re so excited join the Tictail community and be apart of this burgeoning platform. It’s only been a few months, but we’re finding ourselves a little obsessed with the bespoke products offered by creatives from all over – count us in as permanent shoppers. Zanita x Tictail now also presents Zephyr – Zanita’s first ever tableau of specially shot and crafted photographs that will be sold exclusively on the Tictail Market. The gallery was inspired by flesh, ocean, and the sky – by all things ethereal and sensual – just like the journey to success itself. You can browse and shop the collection HERE! Be sure to check back often as we’ll be adding new things along the way.

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