To Bang or Not?

Written by: Susan Hang


My hair is a constant battle – it’s probably one of my least favorite things about myself, but I’ve come to terms with my heavy, lifeless tresses.

Though snipping layers prove favorable for about a month or so, the growth that follows no matter how minor or major, negates any possible ounce of volume and transforms it into a flat, untamable mess. I always wonder why I wasn’t birthed with uncomplicated, lush, fluffy hair, but I guess you can’t have it all.

You can always fake it by adding grit and texture, but be careful not to add too many variations of product otherwise it ends up weighing down the hair. I’ve had much luck with Sally Hershberger Root Spray, L’ANZA Beach Spray , and a bit with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I’m no hair expert and maybe you shouldn’t listen to someone who washes their hair daily (I swear it’s needed to control the oil and dry shampoo is no bueno for me), blasts a load of texturizing product in their hair, and teases the hell out of it as time permits – but hey it works for a little while.

Anyway, over the last 10 years I’ve basically had a bang of some sort – side swept, long and layered, the punk rock piecey fringe, and full on straight bangs. Keeping it fresh and effortless though requires the work outlined above. Up until this year, I had no interest in ridding my bangs plus it worked rather well in concealing my ultra-high forehead. But to be honest I was getting quite tired of the look and had been wanting to grow them out for a while. It’s just that the patience required for the growth is even more painful than maintaining them while they’re here. However, in the process of determining what I needed to do next – it’s been almost a year now – the fringe is making a sudden comeback and subtly sprouting around the streets! This puts me back in square one: To bang or not because I actually LOVE all these looks! Decision need be made by Thursday!

Should’ve foreseen it – damn it 70s.

I’m thinking of a bang that starts pretty short in the center of my forehead and gradually gets longer as it approaches the temples – something with lots of layers and movement that frame the face beautifully as is illustrated in all these photos!

Help me out guys!

fringe-hair-trend-2016 copy

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Image Source Credits – Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Popsugar, TFS, The Fashion Tag


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