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The Cold Weather Pieces NYC Has Us Lusting Over

Written by: Zanita Studio


Just when we thought we were done buying winter gear, New York City’s biting temperature and freezing wind combo starts cutting too deep. Given the time of the year (hint, hint – fashion week), you can probably guess that we’re in the city that never sleeps. That just means the weather in addition to all this amazing street style inspiration help diminish our exhaustion for winter dressing. Plus, it looks like we still have a few updated cold weather pieces left to buy – anything to add interest to our 3-month old coats, boots, and knits. That’s exactly why we pulled together these items just for you.


There’s an evident trend when we look to the streets of New York Fashion Week.

    • Layering never gets old, doesn’t have to be frumpy or overwhelming. Material, Material is absolute key!
    • Fur rules the streets when it comes to warmth – coats, scarfs, or gloves are all fair options.
    • Turtleneck and scarf fusion is an obligatory shelter against the wind. One cool whiff in the alley is all it takes to realize you need to double up.
    • Braving the cold in a dress or skirt? The maxi coat is your BFF.
    • Too cold to text – get those gloves on. Hand protection is as necessary as all else.
    • Added brights or whites lighten up the dingy mood.

Now here are the perfect pieces for you to shop:


Don’t underestimate the power of a scarf. The wind doesn’t stand a chance whether it’s wrapped around your neck or draped as an outerwear piece.


Don’t forget your gloves – a prerequisite for texting in the subzero temps.


Turtleneck Knit

In case you want to omit the scarf, though we recommend the combo.

Longline Coats

The ultimate topper piece for full impact armor against the cold or just to look super chic. (Note: That half-draped look, falling off the shoulder is effortlessly cool.)



Image Source Credits – Harpers Bazaar, W Magazine, Style du Monde, Refinery 29, Instagram @TheOutsiderBlog

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