How to Be Single & Sane on Valentine’s Day

Written by: Brittany Grace

single on valentines daySo Valentine’s Day is approaching *yawn* and you’re single…again, but this time things can be different. Instead of the pity party, choking on chocolate, and self-loathing you’re accustomed to, I’m going to share a secret with you for how to be single and stay sane on Valentine’s Day: Sex and the City.

No, not the show, but the movie. What did Carrie do when she was single on Valentine’s Day after being dumped at the alter? She dyed her hair, brushed herself off, and went out to dinner with her bestie. Truly underrated advice for an overrated holiday.

Now, I’m not single, but it took me 25 Valentine’s Day disasters to finally get one right and I’ll tell you that sulking in my single’s misery didn’t help. What did help was realizing I wasn’t the only single person on Valentine’s Day while patiently waiting for Mr. Right instead of spending another V-day with Mr. Wrong.

girls night

If you’re really worried about being single on Valentine’s Day, do what Carrie did and round up your fellow single ladies for a night out or fall in love with yourself through a spa or salon day. But whatever you do, don’t go looking for love because you’re bound to find it in all the wrong places.

Through all those years of being single, I realized the more I loved myself, the more other people loved me. The better I treated myself, the better other people treated me. The happier I was with myself, the happier I made other people. You get the picture.

Now go out there, love what you have and rock your single self confidently.

If you’re single, I want to know what you’re doing this Valentine’s Day. Share in the comments below!

xx Brittany

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