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Perfecting the Thank You Note

Written by: Zanita Studio


In the digital world of nonstop Instagram scrolling, Facebook messaging, texting, and e-mails, there’s nothing that makes someone feel as special as a personalized, handwritten note.

For the purposes of your career or just to express genuine gratitude, make that a thank you note to be exact. You might feel dismayed and nervous at first if you’ve never written one before, but there really is something elegant and magical about this approach that makes it all very rewarding. Think about the surprise reaction of the receiver and the unfeigned emotions that wallow up. To get started yourself, follow the tips below:

#1 It’s all in the stationary

It’s a good idea to keep several variations of thank you cards on hand to ensure you have the right one intact for all events. Think about the way you want to present yourself when that hiring manager opens up your card – you probably want something that’s classy and formal in appearance. For your friends or family, you might elect something fun and playful.

All the little details count from foil typography to any gilded specks – they should all be a portrayal of your personality, your personal style.

#2 The penmanship

Practice that penmanship! You should always aim for a handwritten note versus a typed one. Not all of us are calligraphy artists so choose the medium you’re most comfortable with – just not a pencil. The color and kind of ink you use is all dependent on the message you’re trying to send. Black and blue are always safe, formal bets.desk-workspace-planner-marble-slab

#3 Make it prompt, but memorable

Expressing your gratitude is not enough; you must add specific details – what are you exactly feeling thankful for? Remember that the receiver may not even recall the situation. Keep it between 3-4 lines and close with something better than Sincerely.

#4 Ensure it’s relevant

No one is going to believe your thank you note is sincere if you’re sending the message months later. The longer you wait, the quicker you’ll lose impact. Posting your card out within 3-5 days keeps you in a safe window.

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