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My Most Trusted Styling Combo

Written by: Zanita Whittington



I’m not being intentionally patriotic – I just love red and blue!

Case in point:


These here are just a few examples. As you can see, it’s kinda my thing – kinda like the way eating dessert in bed is my thing. It just feels right.

Here’s why: Red is my confidence colour – give me a trench coat in red and I’m the queen of the world! Haha! Blue, on the other end, is kind of a neutral for me since I’m so repelled by black, white, and grey – real neutral classifications. It’s great for others but it’s just not my jam. So there you have it, my go-to styling combo…easy as can be since denim is blue by nature.

Anyway, this is a short post sharing an outfit I shot in Sydney a few weeks back plus some updates – it feels like a lifetime ago as I tap away on my laptop here in New York. We’ve just landed and immediately hit the ground running starting with setting up the official office and dashing off to meetings. I arrived with a single suitcase jam packed with winter clothes so I’ve got to loan some samples and buy a few extra pieces to look my fancy best for Fashion Week. I’m feeling a kind of renewed determination this season now that I’ve finally reached the end of a really long series of travel and I’m beyond ready to settle into a routine. Stability. Productivity. Finally.

Expect to see some more Red and Blue from me. Viva America! Finally here for good.

total look, Topshop Australia (Market St – Sydney)

wide-leg-trouser-red-perfect-denim-jacket-vintage-tee-topshop-streetstyle-short-hair wide-leg-trouser-red-perfect-winter-boot-denim-jacket-vintage-tee-topshop wide-leg-trouser-red-perfect-denim-jacket

Our Red and Blue Faves…


photo credits (jaipurdumaveste, collagevintage)

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