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Music for Long Haul Flights

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Sometimes when you’re on a long haul flight, it’s about surviving more than arriving.

Yes I’m being dramatic, but I spend so much time travelling, you can understand why I might be sick of plane travel. It’s a jolt to the system and it takes a certain kind of mental willpower to stay positive both through the journey and in recovery.

Music soothes the soul and if I’m not watching a movie, I’ll have my headphones in – I’m blasting tunes nonstop. I even have music playing into my ears as I sleep – the sound from the interior of a plane can be absolutely deafening. I love beats that are slow and steady, reminiscent of a heartbeat combined with a lilting voice. These tracks are as dreamy as they come.

Great to listen to while working too.

Zx 🙂