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Label to Watch: Whole 9 Yards

Written by: Zanita Whittington



Presenting my editorial with emerging Singapore-based label, Whole9Yards.



As the world changes and we advance into the technological age, we’re only growing more connected than before. It’s the reason why I can have my closest friends dotted from all over and never lose touch. It’s also how we scout out talent across the four corners of the globe, discover new brands, and how others can find us by way of social media. This progression affords everyone the chance to share their story and find those who can connect with it using these mediums.  

So the point of the story goes like this –

Whole9Yards is where femininity meets cool – my favourite track. It looks kinda like wearing lace with sneakers or brogues. Maybe add some denim or a t-shirt. It’s patent on baroque print, elegance with the right hint of skin. Luxe for the everyday. Pretty details with architectural structure. Best of all – created with a mind for social responsibility.   



You can get involved with Whole9Yards right HERE.


Outfit 1: Boxy Lace Top & Mini Skirt
Outfit 2: Jacquard Top & Jacquard Flared Pants
Outfit 3: Lace Dress