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Introducing: Nicole Rogers

Written by: Zanita Studio


There’s been much discussion over the last few months about what’s becoming of Zanita Studio. And one thing is for sure – we’ve been hustling hard over the last year to evolve something that was once a traditional fashion blog into a new kind of creative space. We’re all about staying fresh and keeping you inspired so we’re putting forward kick ass personalities alongside Zanita to provide you with all the cool content you need to stay empowered and excited as you endure your journey to success.

Meet Nicole Rogers!

Just when you thought you were becoming familiar with these introductions, we throw you a curve ball. What’s cool about Nicole is that she doesn’t join us as a contributing writer like you’ve seen in the past, but rather a visual expert. Notice a change in the aesthetic of the killer collages and graphic medleys here? Yup, all can be attributed to Nicole’s artistic dexterity parallel to Zanita of course! Although most of her work will be done in the background, she plays an integral role at the studio and we’re beyond ecstatic to see what cool things she’ll whip up in the months to come. And now, you can hear from her yourself:

#1 Where are you from and how’d you end up in NYC?

I am from Texas and went to school at the University of Oklahoma. I was a journalism major and during college I landed a summer internship with a magazine at Hearst. I fell in love with the city immediately and moved here as soon as I could after graduating.


#2 What do you do for Zanita Studio?

I am the Project and Design Coordinator for Zanita Studio. This means I help edit photos, create collages, pitch ideas for content on the site and social media, help create and maintain production schedules, advise on color schemes and site assets, and design anything a client might need!

#3 Why fashion?

Fashion is it’s own form of creativity. It offers a very personal and authentic form of self expression and, because of this, I’ve always been drawn to it. It is very exciting to be able to work in an industry that encourages you to develop your own character and sense of style.

#4 Top 3 spots to eat in NYC.

This is difficult because I LOVE to try out new restaurants in the city. Palma is my favorite for pasta. It has the cutest, most picturesque back patio. Barbuto is my favorite brunch spot (hello, breakfast pizza!) And, Tacombi Fonda Nolita is definitely a top pick for some of the best tacos.

#5 Best advice you’ve ever received.

“Maintain perspective.” It’s so easy (especially in this city) to become overwhelmed with work and the daily ongoings of life. It always helps to take a bit of time out of the day and check in with myself to adjust my frame of reference if need be.

Be sure to follow Nicole on Instagram and Snapchat @nicelizz!

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