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Introducing: Free Spirit Bri Lee

Written by: Zanita Studio

Bri-Lee-finalThere’s been much discussion over the last few months about what’s becoming of Zanita Studio. And one thing is for sure – we’ve been hustling hard over the last year to evolve something that was once a traditional fashion blog into a new kind of creative space. We’re all about staying fresh and keeping you inspired so we’re putting forward kick ass personalities alongside Zanita to provide you with all the cool content you need to stay empowered and excited as you endure your journey to success.

We’re excited to introduce Bri Lee!

Bri epitomizes all the amazing qualities of a free spirit with a bold attitude from leaving her corporate legal job a year after graduation to pursue a freelance career (um, who actually has the guts to do that from the get go?) to founding the interview series Hot Chicks with Big Brains. Not only that, but her blunt approach to contacting Zanita directly landed her a dream internship, which afforded her exclusive NYFW runway coverage. As if running a website and freelancing didn’t keep her busy enough, she’ll now be joining Zanita Studio as a regular contributor. Here’s more from Bri herself:

#1 How’d you come to intern for Zanita all the way in New York City?

I emailed Zanita from Australia when I knew I only had a month left of my legal career. I made the transition to full-time freelancing at the end of January 2016 and have hit the ground running – interning for her over here for New York Fashion Week. I wanted to crack into the fashion writing and photography scene because I love it, but my portfolio is a little lacking in that area. This was the perfect (and most fun) way for me to do that.

#2 What’s been the best part of the internship?

Honestly, I’m so grateful for how much Zanita has involved me in her work. I shot her at the Zimmermann preview, interviewed an upcoming designer she’s about to feature, and will be putting together a runway video for the site too. I’m stoked I got to create so much content during my time here. Zanita is also hilarious and has great taste in food as well as clothes. I’ve had the time of my life.

#3 What inspires you most right now?

The people I’ve met over here are so passionate and have the most amazing drive and dedication. Seeing the runway shows live is like a hot injection of inspiration and excitement straight to my brain. I come home and sit up through the wee hours of the morning just writing, doodling, and editing videos. New York City itself is inspiring! Zanita is inspiring! Thinking of an answer to this question is inspiring!

#4 Last lesson you learned?

Turn up to runway shows on time and ask if they have any standing space. If you’re willing to put up with snooty stink-eyes from the PR people, there’s a good chance you’ll get to see a show. And then half the time you’re standing in there, some ticketed people don’t show up so you get a seat anyway! This happened to me at Dion Lee and Karen Walker. Boom!

#5 What are your plans for post NYFW? Back to Australia?

I fly home at the end of February (Boo! Hiss!) but I’m looking forward to contributing to Zanita Studio from Australia. As mentioned above, I run Hot Chicks with Big Brains, which is about to go to print back home, and I’ve just received a writing fellowship that I’m super excited to start working on. The freelance life will be a huge adjustment after the daily 8-to-6 legal industry grind, but I’m so ready for this new chapter of my life.

Isn’t Bri just a bundle of sunshine and inspiration? Be on the lookout for her first article this weekend!

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