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Checking In: Catching My Breath In NYC

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Since I last wrote a post about what I’m up to, a lot has happened – namely NYFW and the journey to becoming permanent in New York, which has been a very drawn out process and is still to complete. Tomorrow I’m flying to Milan for Fashion Week business and then to Paris to shoot a very special project. Sounds exciting, but trying to book a model for a shoot during PFW is an absolute nightmare as no agencies will release a girl from a whole ‘potential’ day of shows. In the fashion industry though things usually have a way of falling into place at the final hour so fingers crossed. I’ll forever love the thrill of it – the surprises then juggling and adapting.

I can’t believe how different our business has become from just a year ago – I’m incredibly proud of how far we’ve come. I’ve learnt several great lessons in working with Gustav who has a brilliant mind for business strategy and planning. I could have never reached this point alone – where we now have four full-time employees working for the site alongside our contractors. In my position as Creative Director, I’m able to put my full focus on the voice and direction of the content and I don’t feel like I’m treading water so much trying to keep up on posts – posting for the sake of posting. Struggling to feel what works because I couldn’t step back and assess my place. Now I’m so excited about developing the style and brand of Zanita Studio; it’s bigger than myself and strengthened by our talented team members. I want to thank you (again!) for coming along during this transition and supporting us – I love our site more than I ever have!

I think I’ve grown more in the last year than I have in the 5 previous, driven and confident, years. Ready for whatever comes. Look forward to sharing more of our ambition and story in my future content.

And here’s me in an outfit – textures and proportions. Fabulous bag. YAY Fashion! Haha 🙂

tods-bag-tibi-rosetta-getty-new-chequer-york-streetstyle-nyfw tods-bag-tibi-rosetta-getty-new-york-streetstyle-nyfw

photo, Nadia Fairfax – editing, me

coat and sweater, Tibi

bag, Tods

trousers, Rosetta Getty

boots, Topshop Sydney


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