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Book A Ticket and Leave: Mexican Photo Diary

Written by: Zanita Whittington

In case you missed it…

I just spent ten days hanging out in Mexico and it’s fast become my number one favourite tropical destination. Exactly the postcard perfect getaway the doctor ordered alongside more fish tacos than I care to admit. We visited during the ‘off season’ which was baffling because to me, the weather was perfect, early to mid 20 degrees celsius (or 70-80 F). Scorching summer heat and humidity just isn’t my jam… maybe that’s why I really moved to Sweden? Sorry Gustav 😉

A trip is always worth twice as much if spent with friends, and this time we had my bestie Rebecca and her hubby Ralph joining in. We were hosted by the divine Azul Beach Resort, a part of the Karisma group. Of course when they invited us, Gustav and I leapt at the chance – we wanted to go as soon as possible… and our next available chance was 4 months later! I think the wait makes it all the better – the anticipation heightens the experience. This was my first time in Mexico and to the South American continent. It was really everything I hoped for and more. I ate my weight in delicious tacos and quesadillas and it felt great.

Karisma-resort-beach-mexico-paradise-resorts-cancun-tulum-playa-del-carmen Karisma-resort-beach-mexico-2Karisma-resort-beach-mexico-breakfast-beach-volleyball-lime-margaritaKarisma-resort-beach-mexico-margaritas-cancun

A surprising element staying at Azul Beach: the resident pelicans. I spent lazy hours chilling in our cabana drinking margaritas and watching them soar in elegantly then crash dive into the ocean for fish. There’s a few dozen that clearly call a nearby jetty home and it really feels like they compliment the seaside vibe. Love their quirky character.

Karisma-resort-beach-mexico-pelican Karisma-resort-beach-mexico-best-resorts-mexico Karisma-resort-beach-mexico-breakfast Karisma-resort-beach-mexico-sunset2 Karisma-resort-beach-mexico-cancun-resorts-amazingKarisma-resort-beach-mexico-1 Karisma-resort-beach-mexico-best-restaurant-in-cancun

I didn’t want to leave Azul Beach.

Something else new for me this was an all-inclusive resort – so the stress of pulling out your wallet for every meal or drink is totally removed. It’s crazy to recognise how a stress like that weighs on you everyday. I suspected that if everything was ‘free’ there’d be compromise on the quality, but I was blown away by how great the food was. We were also invited to a neighbouring Karisma resort to eat at La Chique (above) and I’d count it as one of the most intriguing and fabulous culinary experiences I’ve ever enjoyed.

I don’t think I could be more impressed with Mexico, the people are so friendly, the food is mind blowing, and there’s so much to do. Within an hours drive of our resort we could visit Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum (a must!), Mayan ruins and countless Cenotes – truly a miracle of nature. I photographed a few different projects while in Mexico so expect some more imagery from my trip.

Thank you so much to Karisma Resorts and the wonderful Azul Beach Resort for hosting us – I feel so regenerated from the experience and I absolutely want to come back as soon as I get the chance!

Supported by Azul Beach Karisma Resorts

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