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7 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

Written by: Zanita Studio

zanita-denim-jacket-mini-skirtThere’s been much dialogue surrounding fashion bloggers at the Studio for the mere fact that it’s a highly controversial subject in terms of who’s made it, who’s moved on, and who’s next in line. If you’ve paid the slightest attention to the industry since its infancy than you’d already know how vastly it’s evolved over the last DECADE (Yes! It’s been that long already!!). With that evolution came a swarm of individuals looking looking to seize their piece of the pie without understanding the pugnacious, often frustrating, domain they’d be setting foot in. So let’s take a moment to pare down the pompous, glamorous state that bodes for today’s starlets and reexamine the primitive habits that made these girls (and guys) so successful today.

#1 Learn to express yourself

At the core of blogging is communication. Language is a prerogative of “blogging” so it’s essential you learn how to articulate your thoughts in ways so compelling that everyone who comes across your blog wants to be connected to you. Old school Rumi, Leandra, and Margaret are some of the best archetypes – all very different with distinct and profound communication styles. So remember, choose your words carefully – the way you put them together and how you deliver them. If this is a struggle, you should be reading and digesting the dictionary often.

#2 Only post good stuff

You have to be selective with everything on your blog and strive to only post the highest quality content even if it means sharing less. Some of the best bloggers post at super low frequencies yet they’re still able to garner massive followings – e.g. Nicole, Jessica, and A Spence. That just goes to show you content is king – good things take time!


#3 Befriend the competition

This isn’t to say go backstabbing everyone in the industry, but make blogger friends and help support one another. Sometimes a simple referral makes all the difference and they can be that much more helpful in veering you to the next level. You probably realize now how common it is to see blogger duos at fashion weeks together. (Make note: Zanita + Rebecca, Aimee + Chriselle, & Rumi + Bryan Boy.)

#4 Evolve as necessary

In the long run, you can’t do everything alone. Notice when it’s time to start building your squad and get it done like Zanita, Leandra, Chiara, & Chriselle. If e-commerce is what makes sense, follow the likes of Jules, Vanessa, and Garance and get that boutique going.

#5 Take unapologetic breaks

Recognize when you’re exhausted don’t fall into comatose. Take the time you need to refuel. We’ve seen this time to time across the globe…NBD.

#6 Let go of the past

As your blog matures, so will you along with your readers, your surroundings, and the people in your life. We’ve seen so many breakups transpire (no names necessary in this point) and as sad as it sounds, life goes on. Many of these bloggers have gone through tough times unnoticed, but they let it go and march forward.

#7 Encourage others to grow

Lastly and maybe most importantly (we’re biased), but anyone who’s truly successful knows there’s nothing more rewarding than sharing that success with the world and helping others grow. When you help others succeed, you also succeed. If you focus only on yourself, you’ll always end up by yourself.

Image Source Credits – Kate Waterhouse, Le21eme, Racked, Pop Sugar, They All Hate Us

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