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4 Tips to Help You Lead A More Creative Life

Written by: Zanita Studio


Creativity is such an important part in leading an effectuating life.

And by effectuating, we don’t mean financial success, a large collection of designer goods, or superficial admiration from mindless social media followers. We’re talking about something meaningful, something that makes you proud, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical product or a business idea; it can prevail in the way you approach life and in the energy you expel in your daily encounters. For us, creativity means doing what we do best in a way that inspires others to want to do what they do best. Whatever your reason is for desiring a more creative life, here are 4 tips to get you there.

#1 Be aware

Inspiration exists everywhere and in everything, and in those fleeting instances lie opportunity – you just have to be ready for it. You do that by paying attention – listening to the conversations ensuing right before you, staying vigilant of your surroundings, seeing things for what they are, and reminiscing about your past (or others doing so about their own).

#2 Practice solitude

Notice how some of your best work manifests when you least expect it – when your mind is at complete rest like the moment you’re lying in bed at night, reflecting on your day or when you awake at the crack of dawn and everyone else is asleep? Take advantage of every moment you can to immerse in being alone

for in solitude, you drown in your thoughts and reach the deepest parts of your soul. You actually listen to yourself. You’re attentive and you flourish.

#3 Talk to creative minds & entrepreneurs

Ever experience a sudden eruption of motivation or burst of creativity by talking to someone who’s walked the same path? We’re sure you’ve encountered moments where you just want to give up, but hearing someone else’s perspective, especially when it’s someone you respect, you some how gain the hope or guidance needed to cultivate the propulsion. People exist for a reason so expose yourself to as many of them as you can and use them (but never in that foul way).

#4 Spend more time doing

One idea can trigger unlimited options and the byproduct you anticipated can very well come out entirely different – you may like it, you may hate it, but you do it over and over until you get it right.

Creativity is a process and we all know that good processes take time so do it now and correct yourself along the way.


Image Source Credits – Le 21eme, Elle, Vogue

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