3 Tips the Everyday Girl Can Use to Train Like an Elite Nike Athlete

Written by: Monica Bestek

Ever wondered how to prepare and train like an Elite Nike Athlete? What it takes to achieve results? How to be on top of your game and be better for it?

Kirsty Godso - NikeThanks to Nike I got to experience just that – what it’s like to be an Elite Nike Athlete. Well… 48 hrs at least and BOY do they work hard!

Not only do you need to be talented, there’s a whole ‘nother level required to perform at your peak on the world stage. Everything needs to work hand in hand – you have to eat right, understand your body, and figure out what works for YOU. You gotta wear the right gear to provide support and comfort while assisting performance, and you have to prepare for the mental challenges that come your way, not to mention recovering from it all. All these things need to work in synergy to allow an elite athlete to be at their prime. 

I uncovered 3 tips from the pros to improve your training, super-boost your motivation, and help you perform at your best! Let me set the scene for you…

My 48hrs started by hopping on a delayed early morning flight to stinking hot Melbourne where I ran straight off the tarmac into an air-conditioned Nike van (thank god) with 10 other girls en route to the Women’s Nike Studio where we hydrated on water, fresh juice, and coconut water – so many liquids but trust me, they were much needed! 

We chatted with some of Nike’s elite athletes and other industry professionals, listening to them talk about the components elite athletes must consider in order to prepare for a training session or game – this is where I picked up a couple of knowledge bombs. We then took part in the Nike Women’s Tight Night for a workout with absolute legend and World Tennis Player, Victoria ‘Vika’ Azarenka, Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso, and Nike+ Run Club Coach Sam Strutt.

The next morning, we jumped back into the Nike van and headed to the Carlton AFL Football Club where we spent the day working out furiously and refuelling our bodies. Our coaches met us with a smile and I could tell we were in for a real treat! Half of us joined Sam Strutt for a running session and the other half stayed in the Gym with Kirsty for a full-body workout.

Kirsty’s workout involved push-ups, lunges, squats, deadly ropes… the list goes on and on. We were all craving a break to catch our breath, but off we went again, more arms and more legs – I could feel the burn! By the end of the 48hrs, I was exhausted but felt refreshingly motivated, inspired, and determined to be the best I can possibly be! Woo!

Before I share the 3 tips YOU can use to boost your health and fitness like an elite athlete I captured some of the best moments on camera and put together a small video to give you a little taste.


Here are the 3 tips you can use:

1. Trigger Words

NTC-155Give your motivation a super boost. A word or phrase that can boost your mood and performance. Build yourself a slogan – it can be one word that reminds you to work hard or a short sentence that gets you going. I was lucky enough to converse with Anthony Klarica, a Leadership, Culture, Performance and Mindset Coach, who advised me about how the standard woman can use the mindset secrets that aid elite athletes in their life.  Here’s the insight he shared:

Trigger words are used for a wide range of purposes and athletes often use them to help with performing. Everyday women could use trigger words to start the day with positivity, minimize little worries or anxieties, and uplift their mood when it begins to drop.

How do they work?

Trigger words work through the power of association…if you link a word to a positive emotion or behaviour and use it frequently enough, you’ll automatically associate the word with that positivity. For an athlete, a simple example could be the word “kick” – every time someone wants to put in an extra effort, they use this word to surge a training session. When they are tired and say “kick”, their body will instinctively want to increase their effort.

What is the best way to choose a trigger word?

Think about challenges you want to deal with or where you want to do well; then think of a word that you associate with managing that situation well. Be creative in your choice…it can be light-hearted and fun. You could even choose a colour or animal as a trigger word.

How do you set a trigger?

The best way to set a trigger word is to make it your friend and use it frequently.

When is the best time to use your trigger words?    

You should use a trigger word in both easy and challenging times…using it in times of success will help reinforce the link to positive behaviour, which will more likely benefit you when you are challenged! Frequency is an important aspect – use it repeatedly to take your mind off the pain or negativity.

NTC-1032. Nutrition

If you want to train at your best, you need to eat the best. What you put into your body can have huge effects on the way you feel, so make sure you feed it good! If you constantly feel like you have no energy and find it hard to train, your diet may be to blame. 

3. Wear Clothing Suited for the Exercise

Don’t wear Nike Air Force Ones if you are going to do a 5km run and don’t wear thick soled running shoes when squatting in the gym. The right workout wear can greatly reduce your chances of injury and boost your performance. It only makes sense that you’re not going to wear a tennis skirt during a H.I.I.T class or fashion sneakers for box jumps.

Thank you Nike for this awesome experience, I’m 110% #BetterForIt! 🙂 I hope to see some of you at the NTC Tour in Sydney on the 19th of March!


Article by Mon – M.B Harper  #TheHarperMovement

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