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3 Major Realizations You Have When You Finally Take A Risk

Written by: Zanita Studio

zanita-jimmy-choo-refinery29You’re not to be blamed for feeling apprehensive in taking drastic measures to bring about change in your life. There’s much to be understood for maintaining the comfort of where you are, but if you ever have an incidental of wonder about what lies on the other side of the fence, it might be worth exploring. All it takes is one little move to grasp the perpetual potential that breathes life into your universe. And here are the realizations that hit when you finally take a risk.

#1 This wasn’t so bad after all

We always emphasize the importance in that first step because it only takes the smallest act to build up the audacity to go out and do more – to try harder. When in the actual motion of doing something that puts you in distress, unless you’re at war or fleeing for your life, you’ll realize that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s pretty amazing how the possibilities of one major decision can bring you so much security in the uncertainty of what’s to come. It really isn’t so bad.

#2 There’s more to life

You now have a benchmark to measure up to – you’ve experienced first-hand how life can be different in so many unusual ways. You’ll start to analyze the infinite outcomes of all decisions you’ve made and how life could have been different had you made the slightest curve – that a shift is all it takes. Remember, you can lead a million different lives depending on these minor choices in your everyday…that life is up to you. Have you chosen the one you want? It’s never too late.


#3 What’s next

You’ll also begin to realize the importance of constant assessment – looking forward and knowing how you could improve according to your past. By understanding the cause and effects of where you’ve been, you harness this mindset of rebuilding yourself into who you want to be. There’s no greater bliss like making that mental check mark after a massive achievement.

And the next time around, you’ll automatically think without intention, “I know I need to master X, but once that comes, what’s next?”

Image Source Credits – Refinery 29, Instagram @ZanitaZanita


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