3 Exercises to Get Supermodel Legs

Written by: Monica Bestek

Stella Maxwell, Jasmine Tookes, Elsa Hosk, Martha Hunt, Romee Strijd…

Seriously, who hasn’t dreamt about having legs like all those goddamn goddesses? I, for one, have many of these dreams. 😛 

Ok – back to reality. To get the supermodel legs you crave, you’ve got to work hard for them. I know it looks like those amazing humans were born with it, but guess what!? They work extremely hard to achieve the bodies they have. Although great genes help (super jealous :P), to look and exude the kind of beauty they do, they’re constantly in the gym whipping their asses into shape as well as consuming only the best foods!

When it comes to training legs, I personally prefer fast pace exercises that get my heart rate up. I do occasionally work slower movements such as back squats and front squats with added weights; however, to be perfectly honest, I find fast pace circuits much more FUN and if you’re not having fun during or at least after exercise, you shouldn’t be doing it!

So here, I show you 3 Exercises that will help you attain those dreamy supermodel legs and whip you into supermodel shape 😛

Jumping Squats to touches x 10

get supermodel legs

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, jump in to a wide squat and touch the ground with your hand. Then, jump into an upright position with your feet together to come out of the squat. Repeat while swapping your hands each time you land into a squat.

Single Leg Dead Lift x 10

exercises to get supermodel legs

Hold a dumbbell with both hands (I’m using 9kg) and stand on one leg. Keep your knee slightly bent as you slowly lower at the hips and raise your opposite leg into the air. Keep your hips and shoulders squared to the ground as you lower your body until the dumbbell touches the floor. Then, slowly return to the upright position. Repeat 10x on each leg.

Plyometric Step-up x 10

supermodel legs workout

Using a box, bench, or ledge, place one leg up onto the box with the heel firmly planted. Drive up from that foot while squeezing your butt and quad as you raise your opposite foot off the ground. When you’ve come up to standing height on the box, perform a little jump and switch legs by letting the opposite foot land on top of the box and letting the first foot drop gently to the ground. Make sure you lower in a controlled manner. When you’ve reached the ground drive off the high knee and repeat the jump-foot switch.



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