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Why ‘Fake it til You Make it’ Works

Written by: Susan Hang

In the era of the Internet, it’s true that we are anyone and anything we wanna be. And despite the possibility of seeming annoying when there are so many wanna-bes and so much garbage to wade through to get to something good, it often times works.

minimalist-outfit-stan-smith-sneakersWhen it comes to pursuing your passion especially in creative or entrepreneurial endeavors, you’ve got to be your biggest cheerleader and probably the only one at times. The scary thing about that is that in the beginning phases of anything, you’re going to feel ambivalent, incompetent, and insecure. You won’t have all the skills or resources to output what’s ideal, but at 20-something, even 30-something, and inexperienced, you can’t expect to. The only way you’ll ever know if you can create something massive is to test your limitations and you do that by starting the quest.

Everything you take on in life is a process and inevitably, you almost always suck in the beginning. However, by doing it even while sucking at it, you eventually get good at it. It’s true – practice makes perfect. And because nothing is ever perfect, you’re always practicing (by doing or pretending to know what you’re doing).

The thing with ‘fake it til you make it’ is that it’s merely a mindset. No one cares if you’re faking it, they only notice when you’ve made it. And by that time, it’s no longer a pretense, you’re an expert.

In my early days before Zanita Studio, I scrawled incoherently through 4-1/2 years of blogging (which I’m even embarrassed to declare “blogging”), pretending to be a writer, a blogger with no formal training or experience. I just wrote all the time because it was something I wanted to habituate. I never knew I’d be capable of written communications for a MADE FASHION BLOGGER yet here I am – title in hand and all. And though I hate to admit it, I guess I had really faked it all along..

So in fact, it does work – when you fake it, you tend to make it. But only through enough practice to get really good at it.

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