Why a Vision Board is Anything but Average

Written by: Brittany Grace

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A vision board is one of those things that some people can find a bit hokey. I, on the other hand, happen to love them, swear by them, and use them daily. So before your preconceived notions gain momentum hear me out.

First of all, vision boards are not just a piece of cork with pretty pictures on it, that’s what Pinterest is for. No. Vision boards hold meaning and are pictures or words of significant things you wish to have or achieve in your life. Second of all, they are extremely powerful. Ask Beyonce, Drake, Katy Perry, or Ellen DeGeneres.

As humans we are visual creatures. Visualization is one of the best mind games you can play with yourself, (hello Instagram). We can use the power of visualization for either harm or hope. Let’s aim for hope.

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The more you see exactly what you want, the more you’re able to head in the direction of getting it. Your brain associates visualization with feeling and we’re naturally attracted to things that make us feel, taste, look, or sound good.

Have you ever wanted something so badly whether it be a puppy, baby, shoes, or car and then obsessively googled pictures or websites for where to find it?  Whatever you want imprints on you, kind of like in Twilight (yes I went there), through visualization and more often than not you end up getting exactly what your thoughts are focussed on. I’ll say it again, visualizing turns to feeling and feeling is connected to your thoughts and your thoughts control your life. Boom.

Still not convinced a vision board is anything but average? Call Drake, on his cellphone…

What would you put on your vision board? Tell us in the comments below!

xx Brittany

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