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The Wild West

Written by: Zanita Whittington


I don’t meet many Australians who could point out on a map the town where I grew up.

It’s an isolated place, so much that it’s actually a two-plane journey from Sydney or one 5 hr flight plus an 8 hr car ride – which is the option we took when Gustav and I went home for the holidays. My parents were gracious enough to drive that long distance for the sole purpose of picking us up from the airport in Perth. Thanks Mum and Dad!

I’m very familiar with that long car journey. Coming from such a small town in an isolated place means the trip is necessary for specialist doctor/orthodontist appointments or a dozen other reasons. I’ve always found those long car journeys therapeutic and exciting, usually because the end of one mostly meant arriving in the ‘big smoke’. There’s much romance to be found in spending hours rolling through the countryside – so much rugged beauty in the sparsely populated state of Western Australia. I’m a little embarrassed to admit – as a kid my favourite part was arriving in Perth at the first set of traffic lights. Crazy to consider now! I couldn’t wait to escape this tiny town where I came from but going back today is just pure zen. Life goes at a different pace here.

I’m never going to settle down in a place like Esperance cos I’m all ’bout that metropolis life – yet there’s always a little piece of me there, a true country girl.

Vintage-farm-editorial-australia-blogger-shoot-2 Vintage-farm-editorial-australia-blogger-shoot-5Vintage-farm-editorial-australia-blogger-shoot-3

My Mum has 10 siblings and most of them still live on farms in the area so I’ll always have Esperance and my ‘dozens of cousins’ to go back to. The area is most famous for its beaches, which I’m sure you’ve seen featured on my Instagram or even on here (or here!) – but the key industry of the area is agriculture, specifically cereal crops and livestock. My parents run cows on their property, as you can see! The farm provided the perfect backdrop for this little spontaneous editorial. I’d hoped for sunny weather but I actually think the moody sky better represents a normal day in these parts. Wild, rugged and windy.


RM Williams Adelaide Boots worn throughout.

Look 1. Ralph Lauren shirt – vintage skirt (similar) – Akubra hat (similar)

Look 2. Topshop tee – vintage skirt (similar) – Akubra Hat  (similar)

Look 3. Driza-Bone coat – Zara Jeans (similar) – Akubra Hat  (similar)

Look 4. Driza-Bone coat – Topshop shirt – Madison Harding skirt

Look 5. Jetset Diaries Sahara skirt – Zara Shirt – Akubra Hat (similar)

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