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The Unexpected Price of Travelling

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I love the thrill of Fashion Week. I still remember the very first time I jumped out of a car to arrive at the shows and the swarm of street style photographers – the way the music thunders just before a show begins, seeing some of my friends after a season away and chatting about all their inspiring successes. There’s not many chances to sleep over the week (or month!) but it’s the adrenalin that keeps you going. THE FASHION.

nyfw-street-day2-11Photo by Phil Oh

So let’s recap.

I’m going to give rough estimates on this because I genuinely don’t have a handle on my next five days of travel let alone what’s been done. All I know is since NYFW in September my travel schedule went something like this…

10 days in NYC – 1 day in Stockholm – 3 days in London – 2 days in Stockholm – 5 days in Milan – 7 days in Paris – 12 days in New York – 14 days in Sydney – 6 days in Fiji – 1 day in Sydney – 6 days in London – 3 days in Stockholm – 1 day in London – 4 days in Sydney – 4 days in Tasmania – 6 days in Sydney – 7 days in Esperance – 4 days in Sydney – 3 days in Las Vegas – 6 days in Sydney – 3 days in London – 4 days in Stockholm… 

marimekko-pink-flowers-maxi-new-york-hillier-bartley-nyfwI’ve always dreamt one day I would find a job that allows me to travel. It’s not really what I had in mind! You can’t imagine how fiercely I’m craving  the simple act of placing my suitcase in storage and unpacking all my clothes away in a wardrobe. Climbing into my own bed. Having full-sized toiletries. Looking forward to the weekend. The opportunity to buy books, homewares, pictures in frames…things that aren’t suitcase friendly.

I do see the light at the end of the tunnel…around April. I might spend the summer laying on a sun bed reading for two weeks straight. I’ll have a phone burning ceremony. Go normcore. Do a vegan cleanse… (who am I kidding?) #steak #wine #yas

So the whole point of this is that we’re approaching round 2.

NYFW, the Freezing February Edition, is right around the corner and I’m terrified. Don’t make me do it!

Thankfully, I’ve got Gustav serving me the positive affirmations – these amazing opportunities aren’t put past me – the constant travel sometimes takes the sheen off things. Kinda like having your favourite meal everyday and suddenly it’s the last thing you want to eat.

I’m doing my best to be as organised as I can and it’s going to be my second season having a team of  people involved so we might create the best content possible. One of the best lessons I’ve learnt as I’ve grown in my success as a blogger is you can’t do everything alone. It’s so wonderful that I can just focus on those things I’m best at – taking pictures and sharing them and my style with you all! Thanks for your patience again these past few months.

Here’s to pushing forward!

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