The Struggles of Being a Career Mom

Written by: Susan Hang


I’ve always perceived myself to be someone who can do it alldream achieving lifestyle, successful career; killer mom superpowers which comprises of exquisite cooking skills, white-house-level cleaning abilities, MD equivalent curing instincts, and holy patience; of course, I can’t forget the smokin’ wife full of love and affability. The irony here is that those are the struggles of being a career mom.

This is the real gnawing life of a mother…

Every day I catch myself grudgingly scattered in all directions of life, tugging this way and that way in ways more disorganized than I’ve ever conceived. A day never goes without me being forced to make choices that might jeopardize my relationship with my husband, the short-term happiness of my kids, and the ascension of my career while appeasing my own personal aspirations for the sake of my sanity. There is no balance, it’s a compromise, all give and take…I often contemplate how much effortless life would be if I was a man.

Work-life balance is intense and something I’m navigating, trying to figure out every single day. So that you get a glimpse of what I’m talking about, here’s a snapshot of my daily life: The dreadful alarm goes off at 6 am, my day starts and ends somewhere between 12 – 1 am. In between that time, I’m caught in the hustle and bustle of getting my daughter ready for school and sending her off, ensuring my son is fed, excelling in my career, taking a break and spending time with the son, and focusing some more on work. Then, I’m rushing to get my daughter from school, preparing an amazing dinner, and eventually, it’s homework time. So a couple hours on that then it’s time to bathe the kids and get them ready for bed whilst washing and folding laundry and going through e-mails. By the end of the night, I try tending to the husband’s needs as best I can. And soon enough, it’s really late…oops, I’ve had no time to work on my blog or read a book like I resolved to back in December. And shit, I haven’t worked out…do I want to sleep, blog, read, or work out? Hmm, I’ll work out today, blog tomorrow, read a few pages before bed, and sleep a little earlier the day after. Then creeps in tomorrow and the day after – I still haven’t slept more nor blogged more, nor read more…

What is this life?

I have no chef, no maid, no chauffeur, and no personal assistant of any possible kind…I’m a one-for-all. And if you have a personal assistant or some variation, have you really experienced the full lifecycle of motherhood? I’m not sure, I’m just wondering…

Never, ever do the lights go off with me thinking “I did it all, I have it all”…can I ever? I don’t think so…this is the struggle of a career mom.


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