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The Best Reminders When You’re Having a Bad Day

Written by: Susan Hang

The Best Reminders on a Bad Day - Zanita StudioThe conversation of jumping onboard permanently at Zanita Studio started at the beginning of Q4 last year so you can probably imagine how excited I was about turning the page of this new chapter in my life. I couldn’t wait! But as soon as the process started, I began running into more complications than ever before – totally unrelated events of course. For the most part, 2015 was smooth sailing right up until the last mile. All within the last two months, I had gotten my first ever parking violation in California (no warnings or anything, c’mon I’m not even a local) followed by my first speeding ticket to facing the struggles of high healthcare costs and mandolining a piece of my finger off on Day 1 of this supposedly wonderful new year. This isn’t a b*tch session, but a reminder that even people whose lives seem perfect have bad days and now you also see that I’ve had quite the bad ones myself. My lucky streak slowly came to expire and I just wanted to crawl under my blanket and wail, but I didn’t. Instead, I remembered:

#1 Nothing is permanent.

Bad luck seems to creep up on me day after day lately, but I just have to stand firmly through these complications while they’re here and get through it. Accept what’s already happened. It’s an organic process kin to living so head up and keep going.

#2 It could be worse.

There is indeed one thing to be thankful for. Even worse, I could be going through these obstacles all the while having to miserably stumble back into a loathful corporate job. At least, I get to return to a job a I love.

#3 Stop worrying.

The root of our suffering during difficult times is worry – worrying about what’s going to happen next and imagining the extreme. It’s all in your head. Focus on the here and now, not predicting the future.

#4 What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

When you lose, you also gain. At best, you learn something. Now I know not to take my chances and drive the speed limit (12 years of driving and never getting caught – SMH to myself), to practice safe measures and just use the guard on the mandoline, and at least now I can educate those around me on the ridiculous healthcare costs in America.

#5 Stay positive.

I was totally convinced that the world was out to get me and my emotions were out of control, but I quickly remembered that if I don’t fix myself now, I’ll be doing shitty the rest of the way. There’s no doubt bad days will trip you up, but your feelings and your outlook is in your control. Don’t let it stop you. When you let a bad day get the best of you, it shoots you down emotionally and those negative emotions end up streaming into every part of your life like poison. So change your perspective. Remember the first 4 and stay positive.

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