The 3 Real Truths About Blogging

Written by: Brittany Grace

fashion-bloggerI know there’s a ton of articles out there telling you, ‘Blog secrets revealed!’ or ‘How to really make money blogging’, but the truth is there are only 3 real ingredients for any successful blog.

And they’re not hard to figure out; just look at the successful blogs already out there. What do they all have in common? How do they keep you coming back for more? What are they doing that you’re not? How can you do what they’re doing better?

Once you answer those questions, you’ll be in good shape. Lucky for you, we’re going to skip those tough questions that take years to figure out and dive right into the 3 truths about blogging.

1. Exceptionally beautiful pictures are key

Not just one picture, but all of your blog, Insta, Pinterest, and Facebook pictures must be perfect. You have the right amount of bokeh and you stick to a theme. A theme meaning you edit all your pictures the exact same way and add interest to your Insta feed by mixing outfit shots with food, flatlays, and scenery. Happily Grey is an amazing example of this. Not only do all her pictures have the same warm, grey undertone, but her blog name reflects exactly what her blog is about.

P.S. A big misconception is that you need some fancy camera to achieve this. You don’t. Some bloggers strictly use an iPhone and just find super cool walls to stand in front of.

2. You must add massive value

Ever since I discovered Tony Robbins, this has become my mantra: to add massive value to people’s lives. As I mentioned earlier you can do what other people are doing as long as you’re doing it the best way for them. This isn’t about you, this is about your readers. You need to find a way to add massive value to their lives so much that it keeps them coming back for more and they recommend you to everyone they know. Once you have your readers’ best interests in mind, they’ll trust you and love you forever.

blogging-truths3. It’s not what you do, but how you do it

Strategy and success are the peanut butter and jelly to life. One without the other doesn’t work out too well. I don’t care if you’re We Wore What, The Blonde Salad, or The Skinny Confidential, without specific strategy these ladies would not be where they are today.

Every last detail of a successful blog is planned from the times you post on social media, when you promote a product (your own or sponsored), making sure you stay “on brand”, to if/how you utilize Facebook ads. It’s a LOT, but the tedious strategic study is worth it when success comes knocking on your door. If you want something, go after it, but always research the best ways to get there.

Ideally all 3 of these truths will set you up for blogging success but as long as you have one in combination with #3, you can kick a$$ in the blogosphere.

Do you find these truths to be real? Tell us in the comments below!

xx Brittany

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