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Shoes for the Modern Woman

Written by: Zanita Studio

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Refinery29 and M. Gemi. All opinions are our own.

It’s funny how drastically times have changed. In the past women were one thing: homemakers. However, today’s modern women are chameleons – liberated and free.

One minute we’re big bosses making the calls and navigating jam-packed schedules; then at a moment’s notice, we instantly transform into mothers, partners, and friends flitting gracefully across all contexts.

Our lives have gotten busier by the minute and in that time, we’re all fighting to advance ourselves and our careers. However, it’s clear that no matter what kind of women we may be and how different our lives appear at the surface, there’s something universal tying us together. The first one being the challenge of doing it all and the other, looking and feeling our best in the process. Though the challenges of a modern women can be mastered with time and experience, the aesthetic piece can be fulfilled with something as simple as a shoe – our favorite accessory.

We learned quickly in our early years from Cinderella that a shoe just isn’t a shoe…with the perfect cut, right color, and standout details, shoes have the magic to empower and inspire us. They transform us into something special like nothing else in the closet – uplifting our posture, our attitude – everything. And nothing beats a classic nude pump that’s high in the heel and seasonless in shape – it’s quite the chameleon that very much embodies ourselves. Just like the women we are at the studio, the Acrobata by M.Gemi is unique in the details from the lace up in the back to the tasseled bows that swing in every walk. Yet it’s still so wearable under all circumstances whether we’re off to work, dashing to another meeting, having dinner with the family, or escaping into the night.

Thank you so much to Refinery 29  and to M.Gemi for these fabulous shoes!


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