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Introducing: Dream Catcher Brittany Grace

Written by: Zanita Studio

There’s been much discussion over the last few months about what’s becoming of Zanita Studio. And one thing is for sure – we’ve been hustling hard over the last year to evolve something that was once a traditional fashion blog into a new kind of creative space. We’re all about staying fresh and keeping you inspired so we’re putting forward kick ass personalities alongside Zanita to provide you with all the cool content you need to stay empowered and excited as you endure your journey to success.

Next up is Brittany Grace from Not Another Blonde.

Brittany’s energy is contagious and her ambitions are high. What we were most drawn to though is her desire to go out and make shit happen. She’s got lots of things in the works – a new city to explore, a blog makeover, and podcast series. And in the process of juggling all that work, she’s sharing her story and life lessons at Zanita Studio. We’re sure you’ll love to hear what she has to say about blogging and chasing dreams! Here’s a bit about Brittany:

#1 Describe your story in 5 words.

Coincidental rollercoaster worth every minute.

#2 What are you most inspired by right now?

The world’s awakening to higher consciousness and deeper meaning. We all want a better life and it’s amazing to see everyone, women, especially striving for that and inspiring other women to do the same. I love that I’m seeing more people doing good and realizing that when you give, you get back tenfold. Even with all the chaos, there’s so much good that’s contagious and more powerful than ever.

#3 Three things you can’t live without.

My mom, boyfriend, pop-pop…
My laptop, Burt’s Bees lip balm, sneakers

#4 Any style icons?

The Olsens, Nicole Richie, Jane Birkin, Alexa Chung, Caroline de Maigret.

#5 Favorite life lesson.

It’s never too early or too late. Don’t let your circumstances define you. Instead, use your situation or story to propel you forward. When your perspective changes your world changes. And if none of that works, just have faith in the universe and know everything will be ok. It always is.

What a cool cat, right? Keep an eye out, her first post is going live tomorrow!

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