I’m Coming Home to Australia

Written by: Zanita Studio

Here’s a beautiful truth, the romance of travelling around the world will never compare to the blissful peace of coming home – so let’s wax lyrical about Australia. A vast and diverse nation characterised by understated luxury, effortless living, and a whole load of natural beauty. There’s a lot to celebrate when coming back to my homeland and that’s why working with Jansz Tasmania, Australia’s finest sparkling winemaker, feels just so right.

With life being at such a pace – e-mail, plane, Instagram, repeat – so often we forcibly remove ourselves from the chaos to really unwind. That means escaping the city and seeking the natural environment – the big sky and landscape that brings immediate peace. It’s hard to describe, but there’s a natural beauty here that spells both a mental and physical escape like no other – and these are times to really enjoy and elevate every occasion. At Zanita Studio, we’re honoured to be partnering with a premium brand like Jansz Tasmania to share what it means to be Home and make the most of these truly special moments.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jansz Tasmania, our story begins in the Aussie ‘island’ state of Tasmania. First sighted by a European way back in 1642 (which is about 15 million social media light years ago) and dubbed a fine place by Abel Janszoon Tasman, an intrepid Dutch explorer. Flash to 1986 (which is fatefully the same year our Zanita was born, co-incidence? We think not!) and famed Champagne house Louis Roederer partnered with the now Jansz Tasmania winery, after discovering the similarities between the cool climate of Tamar Valley (where the Jansz Tasmania grapes are grown) and that of their famed homeland.

Thus the planets aligned to delight our tastebuds!

It’s a real honour to share our vision and passion for such an esteemed brand as Jansz Tasmania, not only because we love (LOVE!) the delicious sparkling wine they produce, but because its heritage and dedication to quality is unsurpassed in Australia. This wine is produced using the same age-old method as that of the French Champagne region, known locally as ‘Méthode Tasmanoise’ – a true story of patience and a delicate touch that couldn’t be entrusted to anyone with an addiction to Instagram scrolling or Facebook. We hope you love our vision of the Jansz Tasmania experience as much as we loved being part of it.

And remember, Drink Responsibly.

This post was in collaboration and paid for by Jansz Tasmania

Video Credit

Executive Producer: Gustav Carlson & Zanita Whittington

Director: Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz

Director of Photography: Jasper Galvanics

Second Camera: Sara Richardson

Hair & Make Up: Tobi Henney

Styling Assistant: Monica Bestek

Special Thanks to Maxine Harris & the Jansz Vineyard team