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How You Can Rebound from Blogging Burnout

Written by: Zanita Studio

plaid-jacket-black-bootsConsider yourself lucky if you haven’t had to live through blogging burnout. The funny thing about blogging is that despite being an incredibly rewarding career, the time and dedication poured into one post after another can take a toll on you and become self-destructive.

When you’re a creative type, you’re constantly creating things – doing insane, and sometimes extreme, behind-the-scenes work just to create beautiful imagery and write enticing content.

When this lifestyle becomes conventional, you start working against yourself – your vacations and the quality time with those you love. And if you’re not careful, you’re doomed…not literally, but you hit a wall. You know you’re there when you feel the bounds of prolonged silence closing in and no matter what you do, your mind is distraught – a broken computer and won’t turn on. You search your soul only to grasp an unrequited reply. If you find yourself in this afflictive situation, we have the remedy you need to rebound.

– Take it off your plate.

Easy as it sounds, take a break and be unapologetic about it. Just say no to everyone and get some sleep. Your readers will notice, but more importantly, those who matter won’t mind.

– Do less online, more real life.

One of the things that made blogging so intriguing is being able to see the way real humans like yourself live and being inspired by their creative lifestyle. But it’s funny that when you become a blogger, you spend so much of your time living online (shopping online, reading online, eating with the web, & sharing everything online) that you tend to forget to live in real life. So go shopping at the mall, eat an actual meal with friends but without technology, talk to humans who don’t care about your work, and take on nature without intention.

– Regain inspiration.

Although inspiration exists everywhere and in anything, humans tend to be most inspired by other humans – those who seemingly have their shit together despite the hustle. It could be your mom, another killer blogger, or your kids…find energy in their strength.

– Re-evaluate your goals.

As a blogger, what does blogging mean to you and what are you trying to achieve? Are you genuinely writing and creating from your heart?

Focus on quality and less on quantity, ensuring everything you create correlates to your goals and comes from a deeper cause. And if you find that it doesn’t, slow down – step away.

Image Source Credits – Britta Nickel

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