5 Proven Ways You Can Stick to Exercising

Written by: Monica Bestek

So, we’re half way through the first month of the year and hopefully we’re all sticking to our health and fitness regimens. A lot of us make New Year goals and resolutions and simply hope for the best, but when it comes to exercise, we shouldn’t just hope for something…we should turn it into a lifestyle and make it a part of our identity. It’s all about working hard, doing your best, and pushing through tough times. But don’t be discouraged, it’ll get better and soon, you’ll be craving a workout all the time! 

To make sure your training stays fixated, I’ve put together 5 proven ways you can stick to exercising. Just remember – we are all different and some tips will work for you and some better for others.

nike - beach - bronteHave a Training Buddy 

Training buddies are awesome – they encourage and motivate you to keep going. They hold you accountable, which means you’re bound to turn up at the gym or face the guilt of letting them down. 

Change it up 

If you’re getting bored with just one type of training, change it up. Take classes and try different types of workouts. Keep a few different activities that you enjoy at the tip of your fingers like running, training in a gym, yoga, or an oval workout – put them on rotation so you keep your body guessing while combating boredom.

Set Goals that are achievable 

It’s important to set goals that you can actually reach. Be sure to set them a little more frequently – this will give you something substantial to aim for and you’ll gain momentum as you achieve these micro-goals. Eventually, you will start to feel like you’re accomplishing things rapidly and this will in return give you the drive to stay the course! These small wins will ultimately push you towards your final goal

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nike - beach - bronteSchedule it 

Just like you schedule meetings, schedule your workouts. Make that appointment and don’t change it. Choose a time that works for you, block it out, and ensure you put 100% into that hour. This is your power hour 😛 

Keep it Fun 

If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Choose exercises that make you smile and things you look forward to doing. If you hate what you’re doing then you’re not going to try as hard and you will more than likely quit altogether. Exercise should and can be fun and rewarding. 

Remember we have days where we struggle to get out of bed and become motivated – but force yourself up even if it’s a walk or a slow jog. You’ll only feel much, much better – I promise… 



SWEAT. MOVE. SMILE. #TheHarperMovement

Article by Mon – M.B Harper

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