How To Dress Like You Own A Time Machine

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Bad blogger. VERY bad blogger.

I haven’t contributed so much lately to my blog because of a million different excuses #jetlag.  I want to get into the real grit of that topic in another post – cos here we’re talking about fashion. It’s even been a while since I contributed a classic outfit post and frankly I’m embarrassed. I’ve been lazy when it comes to dressing because I’ve been expending my creativity on a whole load of alternative projects.

I have a theory that we’re each only allocated a particular amount of creative energy each day and the only way to reinvigorate creative ideas is to expand your mind and horizons to refuel. I’ve left dressing well to the bottom of my list – yes, it shouldn’t take much for me to dress decently each day, but I’m really just concerned with ensuring my clothes are clean (one suitcase – no washing machine) and co-ordinated enough to be presentable. I want to do better!



So here’s an outfit I’m actually pretty proud of – one of the looks that I feel represents where I WANT to be with my personal style, a concept that’s challenging to develop with one suitcase of clothes. That said, I do love a challenge – I see styling as a great game of mix and match. Put to together an odd combo that works? Extra points.

That’s what Streetstyle at fashion week is all about – the unexpected. I’ve made my worst fashion mistakes at fashion week (the muffs don’t work!) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s how I know I’m pushing the envelope! And it’s also how we end up with the most fun trends – sneakers with dresses, contrasting prints, sweaters as scarves, and military on lace. 

So this is me rocking retro AGAIN.

I’ll never get tired of it because I feel like you can also add current trends to create a 60’s/70’s inspired look. These kind of soft polo shirts have been around for a little while and I’m a major fan as they’re flattering for body types that have boobies and broad shoulders. Busty athletic represent! Should also add – the a-line mini is great for those of us with narrow hips. Grass is always greener! In the age of the ‘bubble butt’, I’m currently losing out.

C’est La Vie.



Meanwhile, if you can read Russian – I’ve got a new interview up on Buro247.ru which gives away all my secrets to blogging success. Would love to hear your thoughts!!


So I created this look from pieces straight out of the Topshop Sydney store. You know I’m a fan and Topshop always does me right. This outfit could almost fit right in with my first Advertorial with my fave Aussie retail destination…and those boots? They’re invited to NYFW without a doubt… so much left to prepare.

Which does remind…it’s less than a month til I’m RESIDING in NYC people!? #brainexplodes

all clothing and shoes, Topshop Sydney Store