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How to Dress for a Job in Fashion

Written by: Zanita Studio

Dress for a Job in Fashion - Zanita StudioWe’ve all heard the cliche, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but we kid you not, you will be judged by your cover. For those of you working in conservative sectors like finance and law, your attire has already been pre-determined. However, in our world, the pieces we choose to clad in can go as far as making or breaking our career. We know outsiders have the misconception that we live in a vivid world of animal prints and neon touches, but that doesn’t always translate so nicely into the office. And while there are no rules in fashion, it certainly won’t hurt to take notice and step it up a notch. Taking it from our expert, here’s how to dress for success in the industrie:

#1 Exude the aesthetic of the company you work for (or want to work for).

Wherever you’re working or aspire to work, be sure your overall ensemble personifies similar elements that represent the brand or company. We tend to think that fashion spells trends, but often times, trends take away from professionalism. You always want to ensure you’re striking the right balance between what your company stands for while being professional.

#2 Be comfortable, but show some personality.

Second to Point #1, you should always be comfortable in what you choose to wear. It becomes unapologetically noticeable when you’re not. (Side note: This usually happens when you’re trying too hard so relax and be yourself.) It’s also super important that you’re glowing with confidence so select pieces that you actually like, which means it’s probably best to avoid untested items. And don’t forget to add touches that reflect your personality – all very feasible through the power of accessories, color, fresh silhouettes, and jewelry.

#3 Beware of easily overlooked mishaps.

It’s all in the details and anyone who’s worked long enough in the fashion industry will be quick to notice. We’re referring to things like wrinkles (must always iron and steam), hemlines (especially when you sit – don’t don anything that rises too high), taking too casual of a route (almost always nay to jeans – only a select elite few can get away with it), and poorly tailored garments (if it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it).

#4 Good shoes will take you to good places.

There’s the on-going battle of heels versus flats and here at Zanita Studio, we agree that both options are fair game, although heels do make a great confidence booster. Just make sure whichever you’re wearing is clean, scuff-free, and comfortable.

#5 Keep it simple.

All fashion bosses will agree that it’s not entirely in the outfit – it’s about you caring enough to present yourself in a polished manner and ultimately, how you carry yourself. Great news for you as it isn’t necessary to be wreathed in head-to-toe designer labels or too intentional that you keep up with trends. Keep it simple! We also encourage you to stay on the conservative side while on the job because you never know who’s watching and who you may offend.