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Goals to Make 2016 Your Best Year

Written by: Zanita Studio

Goals to Make 2016 Your Best Year - Zanita Studio

Welcome 2016!

It’s the FIRST of the year – have you already thought of all the things you want to accomplish? Cheesy as hell to some, but here at Zanita Studio, we are supporters of the doubtful New Year’s Resolutions. After all, how can you be successful if you’re never working towards a bigger picture? Whether you elect big or small ones, that’s up to you, but in our minds, bigger is always better. And if your goals are the same as they were last year – nothing wrong with that…what’s paramount is that there’s a vision! Here we listed 10 small, but forceful goals for you take on as you prance along in 2016!

#1 Do something that scares you.

We’re always emphasizing the importance of facing your fears and if you’ve rarely placed your bets, let this be the year to do it. There is something invigorating about overcoming a fear – you’ll realize it wasn’t so scary or impossible after all.

#2 Break one bad habit.

No one is perfect…though you may excel in most aspects of your life, there is certainly one thing you could afford to lose. Ponder carefully about what that might be and hack it off as soon as you nail it down. And if you’re wondering how you’re going to do it, simply acknowledge the bad habit each time you’re in the act and try replacing it with a good one. Remember that good habits are easier to develop than breaking bad ones.

#3 Apologize.

Some of us don’t apologize not because we don’t know we’re wrong, but out of ignorance and pride. You can quickly mend relationships through an easy, genuine apology. It’s also an easy way to show gratitude and appreciation – perfect for influencing and motivating people.

#4 Do more of what makes you happy.

Find what makes your heart sing – the thing that makes you jump out of bed every single morning and do more of that. It’s not necessary to tense up all the time so loosen up. The more you focus on activities that bring you joy, the happier you’ll be and that translates to all other aspects of your life.

#5 Be persistent.

Don’t doubt yourself. Trust your gut and push yourself. Positive thoughts only – remember to visualize a positive outcome and keep harvesting the work to get there. It won’t always be easy, but we assure you, it will be worth it!

#6 Accept criticism.

We’re all experts on ourselves so it’s hard to accept when someone is giving us feedback we don’t believe to be accurate, but it’s important to accept critique on the outside in order to become the best version of ourselves – in order to develop. They can often see something we can’t so the next time someone says something about you that’s not in the best light, actually listen and see how you can use it to improve.

#7 Hold yourself accountable.

The only way to achieve any of these goals is to hold yourself accountable. Strive for a system of checks and balances every quarter – where did you say you want to be in the new year versus where you actually are?What kind of progress have you made? If not much, backtrack and see how you can catch up. Don’t just stop.

Remember the only person preventing you from reaching your goals, your dreams is yourself.

We encourage you to use and manipulate these goals to make 2016 your best year! Good luck!