Active Date Ideas With Your Valentine

Written by: Monica Bestek


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I bet you’re trying to figure out the perfect date idea! Well, if you’re stuck for options or need some inspiration, search no more – read below! #Love 

Valentine’s Day isn’t a one-way street so choose something you both enjoy doing…

It’s important to be mindful of each others’ capabilities as it’s a special day for the both of you to enjoy one another’s company!

But make sure it’s fun…

It’s important to laugh and not take yourselves too seriously so play a game of tennis, try couples kayaking, or go ice skating together. And even if you suck,

just do it for the love

I’m usually not a huge advocate of working out with my partner mainly because we bicker about what to do and I’m super stubborn and like to do things in my own way (one of my flaws ;P ). The second reason is I usually like to keep my workout period to myself – an hour where I focus solely on me, BUT seeing that Valentine’s Day is up and coming, I’ve made an exception. I have to admit it’s a bit cute to workout together 😛 … right?

So I’ve come up with some ideas that will inspire you to get moving together and do something a little contrary to the classic dinner and movie date.

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Date ideas to get active on Valentine’s Day:

valentines day fitness

Go for a walk up the mountain

and have a picnic at the top. This is a great activity to spend some quality time together, chat, and be physical all at the same time. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy some good ole cheese and wine at the top with a spectacular view!

Organise a group sport

Get all your friends involved (for soccer, volley ball, or basketball). Even though it’s a group activity, it’s always fun hanging out with other couples. Just make sure you’re on the same team – Team Work is Key! ( Side Note: You can go out for dinner afterwards, light some candles, and have more quality time then :P) 

Go for a morning run

Make a stop for breakfast at a cute little café – maybe one you both have never been to before and add some red roses. This one is probably my favourite because my partner and I both love early morning runs plus coffee…MMmmmm!

Try a couple’s PT

Organise a PT to train you both – this way the trainer is making the exercise decisions for you and all you guys need to think about is performing the exercises together, encouraging one another, and sweating together! After all, those who sweat together, stay together, right?

Instead of taking the traditional route on Valentine’s Day, why don’t you get get those endorphins pumping? You still have enough time to get the planning in place..


Article by Mon – M.B Harper

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